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Meh… they should just can SQ2 and move on with BoP and GCS… what’s the point at this point?


I was looking forward to what Gunn would do with Smith, so that’s kind of a bummer for me. Would honestly rather they push back filming if schedule is the main factor. But oh well.


So he’s going to do Will Smith’s Bucket List rather than star in a movie that will probably completely revitalize an entire superhero franchise. Who the hell is his agent, Carlton Banks getting his own back?


Will has remained popular despite his recent choices rather than because of them. This is a crazy choice, I reckon were due for a completely different movie now. Do we know who if anyone is returning?


That’s a little too over-optimistic for a movie that’s not even happening for certain… :smile:

No one who matters… I did like Capt. Boomerang, but come on…


Is Varro in the sequel? His career seems to be on the outs, I’d like him to get the James Gunn treatment.


I think if we’re honest as drawing power for the general public only Smith and Robbi matter.

On the other hand if Gunn can do his thing and make a great entertaining picture then we know that isn’t vital to success.


I think they’ve said Robbie is out. Maybe Viola Davis will be back?


The word sequel may not really apply now, I think Gunn is going to make a new movie that shares a premise and title. Continuity wont be his concern.

But they should bring Davis back. She could be like Judy Dench in the last 7 Bond films.


Seems even Leto is out at this point… Honestly, I’d drop it, re-cast Deadshot and do a Secret Six movie with Catman & Deadshot… maybe even replace him with Deathstroke? Though maybe Mangianello is out too… lol… what a fuckin mess they created…


Yes but that would be considered a bonus for the production.


He’s gone to Marvel.

Morbius is filming right now in the UK.


What? Why? There are kids playing here!


Without either Robbie or Smith I’m not sure I see a point in even calling it Suicide Squad. They, along with Davis, were the only watchable parts of the first movie. Without them it’s going to be a much harder draw and they’ll really have to sell this hard as “from the writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy”.


It will all depend on who gets cast. I don’t think it’s a total loss yet.


I think there was always the possibility of this happening, even if they did a direct sequel. Smith only had a one-movie contract, rather than the standard “nine movies over the next decade” one most superhero movies make people sign.


Maybe they’ll just call it SQuad. :wink:


So given a choice between the MCU and Fox’s handling of the X-Men franchise, they’re going with Fox?

Fling shit at the wall and hope a Deadpool sticks?