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Get your salt shakers ready:


Man, if the cast Armie Hammer then that is a bold commitment to the trend of making Batman and Bruce Wayne the least interesting character in a Batman movie. He’s only slightly better than casting a block of wood.

Did they even see The Lone Ranger? Man From Uncle?

Probably not. Nobody saw those.


So he could finally get the job, 12 years after George Miller cast him in the Justice League movie he never got to make?

The world is weird.


It’s funny how old casting ideas come back around sometimes.



So the Man from UNCLE could retrospectively wind up having Superman, Batman and Lara Croft as its leads? That’s quite the trinity.


And the Rock still waiting on Black Adam after 15


I liked Man from UNCLE. I thought he did ok in it, but nothing that tells me he could be Batman.


So who knows?


Oh thank God! I really mean it. Armie is a nice fellow and quite bright, but he has some weird anti-charisma that just sucks the life out of movies. He needs to be a spokesperson or perhaps a department store manikin.

Aaron Eckhard would be great, but he’s sure not “the younger Batman”. (He has lived long enough to become the hero.) Another who really wants it is Robbie Amell, but if he gets it (after X-Files and the Code 8 movie still in post-production hell) it will lively be on Batwoman.

Did anyone consider casting David Mazouz? No? I’m shocked. Utterly shocked.


He’s already played Ronnie Raymond in the Arrowverse.


I highly recommend that you watch Free Fire to be proven wrong.


But what he wants is Batman. He said so. In public.

He also says he’s a Jeopardy! fan, but he wouldn’t take me on when I challenged him.



What Superman rumors?


I really enjoyed The Man From Uncle, but I agree that Hammer is (for me) barely above Channing Tatum when it comes to lacking any sort of charm or personality.


They were six months ago.





Thank God.


That’s some really shit outfits right there