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And unlike them, he isn’t as bogged down with a definitive on-screen depiction in the early days of cinema. Only in recent years has versions differed from those outside of comedy, whereas with Batman there has been very different versions right from when he first appeared in moving pictures.


Why didn’t Superman just fly upwards really fast?


I’m very disappointed there’s no inversion rack included in these exercises!


Why didn’t Superman look up, use his own heat vision to melt the ceiling, and cool the falling molten rocks with his super-breath to make a barrier in front of Zod?


You don’t think this is definitive!


Pffft, they could barely keep the design of the batsuit close a few years later never mind the shape and height of the guy.


That Batman looks like he punishes bad kids at Christmas.




That’s a start but it’s not going to build the muscle he’d need to be Batman.


It’s missing Step 10 - inject steroids.


Maybe I should’ve posted it… xD

Looks completely fine. A little more muscle buidling and he’d be perfect.

I’m more concerned about the new costume tbh. I REALLY hope they’ll go with a BvS-like one, instead of a Nolan-like one.


Shouldn’t that be Step 1?


He’s 31, 32? He doesn’t need them. But I’m sure he can probably get hooked up if he decides to take them.


Pretty much the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern. Let’s go with that. Sure to be a winner.

(We can CGI the suit.)