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I never would have thought of Pattinson, but it could definitely work.


I’m the same. I have always thought he’s really shify looking and would make a good villain so that’s one thing that puts me off, but I’m not completely against the idea of it.


Pattinson! NO!

He might have worked as th Joker, but, NO!

What are they thinking?


I hadn’t thought about him as a villain, but I can see that now.


Pattenson has a lithe, acrobatic physicality to him. Daredevil, Nightwing…sure. Batman? Nossir.


If only there were some magical way to lift heavy objects and eat protein rich foods to allow a body to grow muscles.


That sounds like witchcraft!

Will’s a witch!



Surprised no one’s commented on the idea of Chris Meloni as Batman.


I love the guy, but the idea seems off.


I’m struggling with the difference here. Daredevil is basically Marvel’s Batman and Nightwing is just a nicer Batman.

And it’s not like anyone thought Michael Keaton made sense as Batman, but a lot of people still think he was the best. He had a super unhinged villain thing about him. I think that quality actually fits Batman. This is a dude who dresses up as a Bat to scare criminals. He is a bit unhinged.

Not that I’m sold on the idea of Pattinson, but if that’s who they cast I’d be willing to give the guy a fair shot.


I am referring to body type, not attitude. Grayson is generally presented as muscular but more agile that Batman traditionally is. Same with Daredevil…he is a bit more olympic figureskater than olympic lifting champion. Captain America is bulkier than Daredevil as Batman is bulkier than Nightwing. I’m splitting hairs, here, but my perception of Batman is that he is big as fuck. Pattinson is a good actor, but as Batman? I’m pretty sure a stiff wind would snap my guy in half…


I’m not sure we’ve taken the most important thing here into consideration…

Do we really want to have an actor whose name is so easy to make a bat-pun out of?


His indie cred is something I can see Warner Bros being interested in and (as far as I can tell) his Twilight fanbase has never stopped fancying him.

He keeps doing films I don’t get around to watching, but even back when he was Cedric in Harry Potter I thought he was good actor, maybe he’s shown that he’s even better since then?

This is all just rumour right now of course, but if they hand him the cowl, and he takes it, I have no objections.


People forget that Michael Keaton played Batman.


I’d say Charlie Cox and Robert Patterson are the same build. Charlie is a convincing Daredevil despite the slight build. So skinny skilled Bats could work. It’s a different take from Bale and Afflick, and Kilmer and Clooney really. It’s almost Adam West.

Maybe a Bats who’s more vulnerable rather than a brick shithouse who can knock guys out with one punch would be a welcome change. It’s different but it could be good.


I assume he’s too old for what they want, but I kinda like it. Especially if they did DKR or Batman Beyond.


I see Batman more as stoic than a goth kid. He’s not sullen and morose.

You can do a lot with the character but it doesn’t really work as a slapstick, jokey funny guy. He is at his core a bit crazy, like Christian said he really kind of enjoys what he does, but he is also serious.

(I can’t say anything about LEGO Batman cause I haven’t seen it and if I’ve ever seen the sixties Batman stuff I forgot all about it)


Honestly Batman is one of the most widely adapted fictional characters in history. It’s between him, Sherlock and Dracula I think. So he can be anything, far beyond the angry loner template.


I really think Batman can suit lots of different body shapes.

You can have the big chunky Frank Miller Batman, the lithe and wiry David Mazzucchelli Batman, the muscular, barrel-chested Jim Lee Batman, the slightly more realistically-proportioned Jim Aparo Batman… they all still look like Batman to me.


As in so many ways, the character can support a really broad range of interpretations.

Although I would say he needs a pretty broad set of shoulders, or that cape is just going to flop down a bit embarrassingly.


Why didn’t Superman just put his invulnerable hand over Zod’s eyes?