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"Ooh, 50+ new posts in the DC Movies thread, there must be some interesting news or a new trailer or…



These are the days I’m happy there are time zones. I just got a good night’s sleep while this was going on.


Morning everyone. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Zack Snyder’s Justice League?


I liked his run on Batman.



Bit behind on the thread…

Krypton’s Lobo looks freakin awesome!

Really looking forward to the second season of Krypton, it was the best comic book related show I watched last year.

Really great surprise given that I originally had absolutely zero intention of watching it.


I’d be very surprised if Pattinson wanted to be Batman. He hasn’t done anything but indies since Twilight ended.


By the time this Batman movie comes out it will have been at least 8 years since Twilight ended, so he may well be looking to update his ivory back scratchers.


Can we create a Snyder thread and just send this argument there every time it flares up again.
I swear, it’s Millarworld herpes.


Aside from the ivory back scratchers, he was smart enough to know what being part of a big franchise would do for his career. I assume he’ll seriously consider an offer if it comes along. It would also be a chance to work with Reeves.

Josh Hartnett has said that he regrets turning down Nolan’s Batman Begins because he saw what it got Christian Bale; a working relationship with Nolan and a whole lot of other offers.


Pattison is also a very interesting choice. Wouldn’t have been the first pick that came to mind for me but the more I think about it the better it seems.


I mean, it’s not a bad idea, tbh… He has the build, the look and the brooding:

I’m not sure if he’s a great actor (although I’ve read he’s decent), but honestly, Batman tends to be overshadowed by the villains in every movie, so… why not? =/

Yeah, he really fucked up on that one… Too bad 'cause I like the guy, I would’ve prefered him to Bale, tbh.


He’s close to perfect for Bruce Wayne but he looks like a strong gust of wind would knock him over. I’m not sure he can be a convincing fighter.


A quick Google search yielded a pretty buff shirtless Pattinson, so he should be fine… I’ll leave you people to go look at those on your own =P


He needs a sandwich. He has a slight, lanky build, though that could be fixed with 6 months of 10,000 calorie a day dieting and insane weight training, I suppose. He’s just so naturally whispy, I can’t see it. Batman is a big dude. Pattinson looks like he would disappear if he turned sideways.


Bale famously did this;

So Pattison can be any shape he wants to be. Or that the filmmakers want him to be.


The way they train these actors to look a certain way these days, I think that we’d be fine on that front.

I’m more worried about the acting side of things, but I’m not qualified to an opinion, as I’ve managed to miss all those recent indie movies of his. Which is a damn shame, I really wanted to see Cosmopolis.

Man, I finally need to see that movie.


Bales a big frame though. Naturally a larger man. Sure he might be able to beef up, but even the he’ll be this baby faced pretty boy Batman.

I’d be surprised if this happened. He’s not much of a star, not the best leading man and he doesn’t look the part. Warner’s would be taking a step back after getting it right with Aquaman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman.

Though if their play is techie rich guy polished and trained Batman rather than big clumsy bruiser Batman then I’d actually welcome that kind of change.


Good Time and The Lost City of Z are both well worth watching. I really want to see his new one with Claire Denis, High Life.


My initial reaction is an emphatic no. Especially since he looks like he’s about 5’5" and 90lbs. Wiki tells me he’s 6’1" and with the right diet and nutrition he could bulk up enough to at least look the part. In the movies I’ve seen him in, he’s usually not too shabby at all. I’m still not convinced but I’m open to being so.