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I can’t believe you guys are still arguing about this movie:


My current reaction to the argument.





Why did you say that word!


Come here, Parker. Let me hold your head for you.


I think this post is a beautiful thing that speaks for itself… no need to go on.


The film wasn’t complete if he was adding things to it.


Here’s another link for you to ignore.


You guys are ruining my sick jokes with your incessant arguing.


Just get Snyder aboard to oversee and adapt the Terrio script into a graphic novel. That’s the best thing that we could get, I think.


Rory says there’s a film. That’s what I want.


You need to get a writer to come in and help, those jokes are too dark.


Probably best to get someone else to tell them too.


Fuck you both. My jokes are the best.


Yeah but none of them met expectations.


You don’t care about all the innocent people that get caught up in your fight for comedy, do you??


Nope. I just want to watch the world…


I feel like I’m at the Cirque du Soleil watching the contortionist act… :smile:


Ronnie’s far more flexible than he looks.


Stop reading @Jim’s diary!