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She’s M, but not a good person.


Set in World War II and let it be about the soldier variant of the Suicide Squad.


I think they’d be foolish to leave out Harley. I’d also be bummed to not see Will Smith in a movie written and directed by Gunn. You can keep Davis too, but everyone else could be chucked out and replaced with any character Gunn wants.


They’ve already spun Harley out, and are rumored to make her the lead of that spin off for at least two more movies.

Suicide Squad is in flux, and a war time caper would be a great way to distinguish itself.


Yeah… that’s not happening.


Will Smith could make Gunn’s dialogue sing. I hope he is in.


I imagine a new director of Gunn’s level will be able to make this franchise what he wants, but I also think he’s got to stick with Will Smith and Margo Robbie. And I imagine he’d like to keep Killer Croc too. The rest of the characters were all forgettable.


Without Diablo, they’re all disposable.


Diablo should be included, and given more to do, i agree.


He may well just want to stamp himself on the whole thing.

In which case he’ll only keep what he has too, what Warner Bros insist on. That may not be a lot really. Some connection to ‘Birds of Prey’ is not unlikely, the rest is really unimportant to their slate.


Yeah, that’d teach everyone who bitched and moaned about Affleck.


Why? Jonas was pretty good in Jumanji. Nothing groundbreaking but also nothing that said he wouldn’t be able to play Batman.


His height is really the only issue I’d have. He’s pretty short, only around 5’5 or something like that. Not that there aren’t ways to work around that but I’d almost be more interested in him as Wolverine.


It’s not impossible. Personally, I think it would be much more likely to see a Batman Beyond movie animated along the lines of Into the Spider-Verse with Keaton providing the voice rather than a live action film. Hell, they could even get Cage to do the voice of Superman when he shows up in the BeyondVerse.


Recasting Bautista as Croc, right? Personally, I think Bautista would be a great Bane or even Vandal Savage.



Please give me a job says Ray Fisher.


Ray Fisher is a regular on Season 3 of True Detective.


“Please give me another job” says Ray Fisher.

For the record, I thought he was good. I liked the casting of everyone really.


Yeah, the cast wasn’t the problem in the slightest. Everything else was. Had Snyder been able to complete the movie he set out to make, I think it would have been quite a bit better than what we got.