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Batman, not Bluntman.


One of the reasons I disliked that trilogy.

But it would be cool if Burton and Keaton reteam. And perhaps do feature TDKR adaption (taking animated versions and bits of BvS aside).


That sounds awfully like Miller Bats.


Kinda…but Miller Bats enjoyed the violence more than Morrison’s, it always seemed to me.


That I agree.


Eric Bana would be a great older Batman.



Edgar Wright agrees with @davidm.


Remember folks, you can’t spell Edgar Wright without right :smirk:


And you can spell right without Ight.


…I can’t really argue with that :confused:


And you can spell argue without u.


I would argue that you can’t.


Ronnie’s American. They have a bizarre relationship with the letter u.


You can’t spell Deadpool without poo.


Fuck, too early. Can’t even get a joke right. :wink:


If you’re going to make a typo on the word “can’t”, it could have gone a lot worse.




Who Will Be in James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’?


While still taking place in the continuity of the DC film universe, Gunn’s movie is being described as a reboot and will feature “a mostly all-new cast of characters and actors.” While it’s certainly a loss that most of the characters we were introduced to in 2016 won’t be returning, the concept of the Suicide Squad relies on a rotating group of members pulled for different missions. We should take term reboot lightly as it holds different meanings for studios, and could presumably see some of the absent team members return in sequels or in another corner of the DC movie universe.


I’m not sure who is saying this is a reboot? I can’t find the original source.

So it’s “sources” in the anonymous sense;


I wouldn’t mind that either, considering Quinn is in Birds of Prey.

Just don’t recast anybody and maybe bring back Viola Davis?