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Zac Efron already did a swimming role. besides I think he is too cute to play Namor


Of those I’d probably prefer Barnes. He was pretty charismatic in The Punisher. Dornan seems like a charisma vacuum in the bit of things I’ve seen him in. Hopper I’m not really familiar with, though, so maybe he could work too.


I don’t think Disney has the rights to Namor.


Dornan is great in real life. A true Irishman with all that wit and bullshit. He’s just played boring characters, but he could really bring charm to the character.

Hopper is one of the best big actors, he’s 6’5" and physically built like a tank. I’d prefer Batman wasn’t 5’10" pretending he can beat up everyone. Plus he looks like he’d fit in a Jane Austin movie, and that’s what I’d want from Bruce Wayne - a classic rich gentleman type who’s got this secret adventure life.


So what you want for Batman is your secret fantasy self? :wink:


So what you want for Batman is your secret fantasy self? :wink:


Isn’t Batman everyone’s secret fantasy self?

Besides, my secret self is Blue Beetle.


Not really. I’d rather be Superman.

So like Fuck Up Batman?


That Batman is not lame. He’s pure. Genius.


I think Morrison’s Batman was like Jim’s description a lot of the time. Still ultra-focused, serious, driven, and everybody was scared of him - but at the same time you had the feeling that he was kind of enjoying being Batman.


I’d be amazed if Efron isn’t on the short-list.


Oh but Batman always enjoys being Batman, it’s Bruce that he doesn’t like being. And even in BvS, you can clearly see he still enjoys being Batman, even though he might be frustrated at that point… but you don’t beat the shit out of people the way he does without enjoying it :smile:

Actually, it was the Nolan Batman that didn’t really enjoy it… particularly in the 3rd movie.


The ideal Batman is 5’10" about 183 lbs and 45 years old.


how much is all that in normal language? =P


70 inches and 183 pounds.


You are out of your penguin mind! I’m not jokering!

Batman is 6’ 6", about 270 on a good day, and is effectively immortal.

Don’t let it scarecrow you! Just put a Mr. Freeze on things and chill, for there are thousands more bad DC twists to throw at you, and I can do it in a Flash!


If Bermejo’s art in issue 1 of the Damned is canon, then I’d say more like 8 inches.


Does he had crippling back pain and a surly internet personality too?



I dunno about “surly”…