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This is an interesting aspect too. RDJ hasn’t headed a Marvel film for 5 years, it’ll be 6 by the time Endgame comes out. He’s been there but with fewer stunts and effects work and screen time.

I remember after they announced that Man of Steel 2 wasn’t happening and JL was that Smith and Bernadin commented that Cavill could have stumbled onto the best career in films, no more ‘one for me, one for you’ but turn up for 6 weeks of a year to bank a paycheck for a supporting role and then do what you want anyway.

This is to some degree unprecedented. He may be sick to death and dies in the next movie but he may be happy getting a lovely pension for limited work for the rest of his days.


Was Dark Horse the first to crossover movie worlds in comics? I seem to recall that Aliens, The Terminator, the Predator and Robocop might have fought each other at some point.

The Aliens even appeared in the Wildstorm Universe, right?


Really nice Heat Vision / Hollywood Reporter nostalgia about Donner’s Superman. Thought @Mark_Millar would like to read this.


Wildstorm, main DC, Witchblade/The Darkness and Judge Dredd too, off the top of my head.


I don’t know which came first but there was definitely a Star Trek/Xmen and Archie/Punisher book at some point quite a while ago.


The first AvP comic was in 1989, the other two came much later.


Headed is such a needless filter though. He’s been in almost all of them over the past few years.


For no cogent reason:

John Layman



John Layman

John Layman.

John Steele Layman (born August 2, 1969) is an American comic book writer and letterer who wrote the comics Aliens: Inhuman Condition and Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Splice and Dice for Dark Horse Comics.



Aliens vs. Predator


He has but my point is outside that. It’s a different question and paradigm.

I never at any point claimed RDJ wasn’t important, he has been there, which is easy for him. No line relies on HIM when he hasn’t shown up for 6 years in that role, it enhances it.

So in the next 6 years he could also pop his head in, in the same way.



He’s the anchor of the MCU. Nothing relies on him but he probably adds a few hundred million when he makes an appearance.

If I’m RDJ I don’t change my price if I’m in a movie for 10 minutes or 2 hours. I guess we’ll have to see how Infinity War ends, but it does mean Cap and Tony are out of the hero business (because their actors want out) then I think it’s still a huge blow.


Which sounds fairly high, but if the rumours of his pay are true then Disney probably reckon he adds a hundred million at least.


Don’t forget this epic crossover from 1984…


At the time, the Transformers comic book took place in the Marvel Universe. The Dinobots were even tied to the Savage Land and SHIELD had a cameo.

In the late 70s and early 80s, it wasn’t unusual for licensed comics like Godzilla and Micronauts to be set in the Marvel Universe. (Star Wars, wisely, being an exception.)


The SHIELD cameo in Transformers even referenced the Godzilla comic!

(Amusingly, because the Marvel and IDW transformers comics are separate universes, and both have featured Spider-Man, both universes technically exist on Earth 616)


The Godzilla reference is what me remember that SHIELD cameo.

Godzilla #23 was the first comic book I remember owning. I was a Godzilla nut when I was a kid, and was thrilled to find a Godzilla comic book.

And, coming full circle, Transformers is what got me into reading comic books regularly. From there, I quickly expanded my interests from Transformers to Uncanny X-Men to Sandman in six short years. (Granted, twelve to eighteen is an absolute eternity when you’re that age.)



In the First Avengers there is a random line from Red Skull about how Hitler is wasting his time “digging in the desert for trinkets”. Clearly this means Indiana Jones is set in the MCU.


Creed is a movie about Killmonger pursuing a romance with Valkyrie while Starhawk teaches him how to box.


Yes and my point is that he has the option of continuing those appearances without spending a great deal of his time, as he has done for 6 years. It’s potentially an ideal scenario, no more ‘one for me, one for you’ but two weeks once a year for a few million and then do what you want the rest of the time.

In terms of being that anchor the money matters less than his being willing to keep doing it with an increasingly reduced commitment.