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Capaldi was the first person that came to my mind!

I would pay to see him as Mary Poppins.


They gave him an audition, but he couldn’t hit the high notes. Or not as well as Emily, anyway.


If you’re looking for a new Mary Poppins there’s only one viable choice;




Aquaman is out here tomorrow and no official reviews available yet…not a good sign.


Have there really only been 6 Bonds? It feels like moore.


For your sake we’re all going to ignore that.

(And there’s been much more. Including an American, Jimmy Bond.)


7PM tonight.


The list doesn’t include all the James Bond in the 60s Casino Royale.


Weird that there’s an embargo after it’s already been officially released in other territories.


The people I know who’ve seen it say it’s fun, has a couple of great action sequences and also knows how to take the mickey out of itself, but that it goes on too long.

Some dreadful dialogue though, a few very laboured jokes and flat exposition. Not all of it, just some.


I expect they’re trying to hit the right media cycle. Loads of free press is about to hit with the release of all these reviews.


Wow, they really are copying the Marvel formula right down to the letter with this one.



Looks like the reviews for Aquaman came out 20 minutes ago.
Going by the titles (have not read one yet) they seem very positive. Good news.


Yeah, I linked some of them in the Aquaman thread:




It is a problem if you put all your faith in one guy. Eventually he will make a wrong move.

I actually would want WB to spread the bet a lot farther with DC films so different they would even go with different actors playing the same heroes in different movies.

Marvel sells generally on getting something predictably entertaining every movie and on a regular basis. However, it’s too many movies that are too similar in the same time frame. They end up like the comics - everything has to be an ‘event.’

The angle to play is going unpredictable but entertaining anyway. It’s a longer horizon strategy but over time pays off.

How does SHAZAM fit into AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN? With JOKER? I don’t know but it’s more intriguing than CAPTAIN MARVEL and THE AVENGERS.


And if you don’t then everything is random.

There’s no magic solution, but there is a established way of doing most things.

If you want a continuing and connected story then having one person at the top to coordinate it standard practice.

If you want a collection of unconnected stories then each one can be created without reference to the others and you don’t need that coordination or coordinator.

That comes off like you’re jaded with Marvel.

Ok, but that’s an entirely personal feeling and it’s not reflected in the ticket sales and that’s what drives this.