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The direction coming from WB management is schizophrenic at best. A showrunner is only as good as the people above and below them. They’re one link. Geoff Johns was meant to be that at one point but it never seemed to materialize.


Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in he Fiege role would be ideal, I think.


We’re all links in a chain, and maybe Johns could’ve been as strong a link as Feige but was denied the opportunity.

Or maybe not?

But Feige has been there since Marvel’s movie business opened for business and his the one link across all the films. Before and after Disney brought the company.


I said years ago that Warner’s problem was Batman. Their most popular character works best in grim and gritty, and to try and merge that with all their goofy characters ends up as Justice League. They shouldn’t have a shared universe, they should always have just gone for separated franchises. The very fanboys they were trying to please were the ones who torn apart their movies.


If that’s not a cue:


Yup 100%. Copying the shared universe was their mistake and taking the lead for that off the Nolan films where that tone works for that character. I don’t even think they should never cross over it was just that they were so clearly aping what worked for Marvel, down to the 7 year plan of films now dumped and forgotten. They raced into Justice League but it made less money than Wonder Woman on her own.


Johns is not a movie guy though, Feige is… That’s the big difference I think. They’re both fans of comics, sure, but I feel Feige has a lot more of the hollywood know-how that is necessary to make movies.

And yes, as exagerated as Feige gets, I do think it’s important to have ONE guy who ends up saying yes or no. Seems rather crucial for a machinery as big as the MCU.


You mean you want everyone to be saying Dwayne McDuffie isn’t as talented or important as people think?


It’s a stretch to say that “everyone” is saying that (or even that that’s a common idea).

As to a showrunner for DC, they may have that now in Walter Hamada. No idea to what extent he’s a comics guy, but he’s had success with the Conjuring films and spin-offs, and is listed as an Executive Producer on the DCEU films starting with Aquaman (which looks to be going well).


I might have been being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that post.

It was a joke about how it’s becoming an increasingly common counter-narrative to the people that unquestioningly credit Feige with the entire success of the MCU movies.


Ummm…yes, he is. He started in film.


Yeah but barely… he doesn’t have a movie trajectory per-se. Well as far as I know, at least…


Pre-Feige going to Marvel Studios and Johns going off to write comics, their trajectories were pretty similar. They even both worked for Donners.


True, but he had 14 credits before the MCU got started, all of them on superhero adaptations. That gave him a lot of time to figure things out, film wise, that Johns didn’t really have.


It struck me as funny today that Julie Andrews is in a movie this December and it’s Aquaman and not Mary Poppins.

(Although I’m sure she makes an appearance in Poppins that is currently kept as a surprise)


Huh. Not even a cameo?


Not that is currently listed but I’m sure she’ll pop up in some form. Dick Van Dyke is in it.

It is weird that this is a sequel and the character is now played by Emily Blunt. Does Mary Poppins regenerate???


Can we get Mary Poppins played by Peter Capaldi?


It’s like James Bond. ‘Mary Poppins’ is just a codename for whatever arsey British nanny is deployed, across the eras.


The first trailer looked like it was going to be a weird horror spin on the story. So maybe. :wink: