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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


You’ll be back. :slight_smile: When MCU X-Men come… you’ll be back. :slight_smile:


Oh I’ll keep watching them, same as I watch any blockbuster… but no more going to cinemas or following hype… I’ll treat 'em as any other regular movie…

And unless they do proper X-Men, I’m seriously over the X-Men by now…


I think it may well be. It’s the kind of movie that you watch with your kids, like those early Tom Hanks movies or Pixar. And it looks really, really fun - if it catches on, it might really catch on.


More confirmation for anyone who still doubted… :smile:

at 1:06


I never doubted that something like it exists.
But I do maintain that most of it probably hasn’t even seen post-production.
Workprint clips have leaked since then. And they’re either entirely blocking shots or early, early, early, CGI.


Oh yeah it was probably missing a lot of post work… still though… really hammers home the idiotic decision to scrap all that work and do so many re-shoots and post with so little time left. I highly doubt the original cut was as mediocre as what we got in the end…

Also, what a bunch of jerks for refusing to 1) aknowledge it and 2) releasing it if only to appease some fans… u_u


On the other hand, even with the best CGI, realistic stretching is creepy in movies. Maybe if they limited it to morphing into things rather than a lot of Elastic Man style stretching, it wouldn’t feel like body horror so much.


I think a lot of it would come off similar to Jim Carrey’s The Mask. It would have to thread that line between uncanny valley and cartoony.


You just start him off with a plastic look rather than a normal human face and you can do what you want with him. Stretching only looks creepy when you try to make it realistic. It’s why Reed Richards should always be covered neck to toe.


I am starting to think Aquaman will be the most succesful DC cinematic universe movie to date.


Even more than Wonder Woman?


Yup I think so. I am guessing maybe 900 million or a billion.


Welcome to the club.


The common theory is that a rising tide lifts all the boats, so if ‘Aquaman’ does well then it should help ‘Shazam’ and they should help ‘Wonder Woman’ and then that helps ‘Suicide Squad 2’ or whatever comes next. I don’t think ‘The Joker’ counts as it doesn’t share a universe…


I still have conversations with people who can’t remember which Cinematic Universe is which, or even that such a concept exists.

“So Aquaman wont meet the Hulk?”




If they do a Plastic Man movie, he should probably depicted like a cartoon character so the stretching isn’t grotesque, and keep the tone light like the upcoming Shazam.


Speaking of Shazam, Zachary Levi would probably have made a decent Plastic Man if he weren’t already cast as…Shazam.


And in further “actor wants a job” news:


Last night I had a dream in which I came up with brilliant ideas to make the Marvel movies, DC movies, and Marvel comics a lot better. I woke up with only a vague recollection of the Marvel comics idea. And then I remembered my DC movie idea was to put Dwayne McDuffie in a Kevin Feige role. :confused:


I think that’s one of the problems with the lone genius story that has been built around Feige and the MCU. It makes it seem like all WB needs to do is find this one guy to shepherd everything (which they tried with Johns) but it actually takes a huge team of talented people with the right guidance and level of freedom from management to make these things work.


That guidance and freedom coming from…

Feige is a showrunner. Marvel has one, DC don’t.

Maybe DC will prove they don’t need one with a run of successful films from ‘Aquaman’ onwards.