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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


DC continue to go in the right direction. Aquaman looks fun, this looks fun. I hope it’s a smash hit (even though it’s basically killed any chance of Superior being a movie).




Timing is everything.


Just came across this theory - there may be mild spoilers but only of material that has already been revealed.

It’s the Bruce Wayne part of this that’s particularly interesting. His parents are still alive, meaning he’s somewhere between 8-12 years old. Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand, turned 44 a few weeks ago, so let’s assume that Arthur Fleck is the same age as well. That means Arthur has over 30 years on Bruce, so by the time Bruce ages to adulthood and dons the cape and cowl in two decades, Phoenix’s version of The Joker will be in his mid-60s or pushing 70.



Maybe, could be, probably isn’t.


Actually I don’t like these… they look like they photoshopped on top of the old ones… I hope they didn’t moustache those boots… u_u


Hahaha. I hope moustaching becomes a thing.


Oh mustaching is totally a thing. Just not the one you’re hoping for.


Hadn’t heard of that one until now.


Up-and-coming screenwriter Amanda Idoko has been hired to pen the script for what will be a comedic action-adventure for Warner Bros. Bob Shaye, the former co-founder of New Line-turned-producer will executive produce.



Since it’s going to be said a billion times before this movie is eventually cancelled - Johnny Knoxville.


Googled “Plastic Man fancast” and got some interesting finds:


I’m all for this fun DC movieverse. I think Warners have made a great course correction with Aquaman and Shazam. Plastic Man though, I don’t know how they can make him work without it looking like a little kids movie. That said, with the right actor this could be amazing.


Deniro or Pacino, for sure. Maybe Liam Neeson.


That might be exactly the direction they go with it, which might be smart. I’m sure they want as many Marvel-level blockbusters as possible, but I think they’ll also take wins where they can get them, and if that’s a modestly-budgeted family film that possibly over-performs (in the same way that the Joker movie seems to be leaning for a particular niche audience) that’s all good.

After the massive success of Venom, though, it’s anyone’s guess how a comic book film is going to perform.



Aquaman made $25M opening day in China, if that helps.


If Aquaman ends up being an unqualified hit I don’t even know what this world is anymore (and that’s related more to it being Aquaman than a statement on the film).


It means the world is awesome.


meh… more Disney-like SH movies… great :roll_eyes:

Oh I’m so ready for A4 to come out so I can hop off the SH movies hype train… u_u

I would have never imagined saying this 10 years ago… crazy times we live in :smile: