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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I liked the way they played it in B&B - introduce Jaime as the Blue Beetle, then have him discover the legacy of Ted Kord and Dan Garrett later on.


That’s a good way to play it.
I also wouldn’t mind if they took a lesson from this Spider-Verse movie.
Go in as a smorgasbord (without multiverse stuff, of course) but keep the central conflicts and drama to Jaime.


Who’s Ted Kord?


He’s the guy who fucks your Mom.


Isn’t that Booster Gold? Or least shot her.


My dad’s name isn’t Ted. :wink:


That you know of…


Also, I’m wondering whether they’ll go with the scarab being alien tech or mystical.


Financially, yes.

The Wonder Woman good thing is unlikely, given the first reactions, but so’s Green Lantern bad.

Which is why I used those other references - what we seem to have here is definitely not a great movie, but it may nevertheless do very well financially. Or… not.


If it were, we would already know. Why? Ted talks.



Not a huge fan of these direct to video animated films but this one looks fun.

I’m not so sure I want to watch another Superman film where he dies at the end but would love to see this storyline in live action.


I watched the first one. It isn’t bad. It’s direct to DVD stuff so the animation is way below what we expect now it feature films but they told it well enough and my kids watched with me and didn’t feel it was a bummer at the end (we know what’s coming, it’s in the title) as they sow the seeds for this chapter and an element of ‘rebirth’.


It would be interesting if they wait a few years and then did a Death/Reign/Return trilogy in live-action. Especially since you could use the same actor to play the Cyborg Superman and (possibly) the Eradicator.


The first was pretty decent.
If I had any problem it was that they had it set in their new canon, instead of doing it like their TDKR two-part movie. But other than that, they did an okay job integrating some of the main themes into it.

Looking forward to Superboy.


I would love this. It’s was actually something I had plotted up a long time ago.


New one-sheet, but still reusing the same resources.
Kinda want to see something but guess the wait is upon us.


I like those boots better than the other ones.


Are they the right color? :wink:


Shoes matter dangit! :slight_smile: