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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More





yeah yeah they “might” be working on a ton of stuff… like every other studio… these fuckin clickbait sites, I swear… u_u


If Aquaman is a success, it could be DC’s Iron Man. He’s a second tier hero who most people have heard of, but one in a hundred would know his real name. About as many people today could answer “Arthur Curry” right off as could answer “Tony Stark” before Iron Man.

I’m a little reticent in that it looks like it cost too much, spends too much time in a fantasy land or ancient ruins and - honestly - Jason Mamoa is no Dwayne Johnson… or even Bautista.

However, the talent and general positive energy from the people behind the scenes is encouraging. If Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam and other B-list heroes are the breakout stars of the DCU with the big names building out from that, that could work.


Eh, despite being the butt of jokes more often than not, Aquaman’s got A LOT more recognition than Iron Man, who didn’t have any outside of CB fans, tbh… so it’s not really the same… but granted, it is a “serious” Aquaman, so it’s close to being a “new” character, I suppose =P

Also, at this point, they should just drop their plans to do a “shared universe”… they kinda shat the bed to badly on that one… plus shared universes are so 2012… :smile:


Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. When you have responses like “good and bad in equal measure” amongst those first responses, the mainstream reviews are likely to be very bad.

I think the question is at this point, will it be Batman v. Superman bad or Suicide Squad bad for Warner Brothers?


ie. Good?


Exactly. Or, Amazing Spider-Man 2 bad or Venom bad?


WB wouldn’t mind bad reviews on that level. Both films did well for them. Their standards are probably looking out for if it is Wonder Woman good or Green Lantern bad. Personally, I think it looks a lot like a John Carter kind of movie which had a lot of individually good scenes, moments and characters that needed something more to bring them together. There seems to be a lot packed into this movie - a couple of origin stories, a hidden undersea kingdom and ancient ruins of Atlantis, a war between seakind and mankind.

The trailers kind of remind me of MAN OF STEEL with brighter colors in that sense. That movie had so much packed into it that by the time Zod arrives at Earth, they had to rush to the end shortchanging the Kryptonians in the process.

If it keeps moving forward like Wonder Woman managed to do, I’ll probably see it. Wonder Woman managed to keep the story simple by giving the hero a direct clear objective overall and also keeping it clear what they were trying to do every scene. There was plenty in Wonder Woman, but everything revolved around her and she wasn’t a reluctant or reticent hero. She didn’t fight against the story like many films seem to think hero’s need to do to make them ‘complex.’


I’ve said before that reviews don’t matter for superhero movies. You need to make something truly repellent to not get at least half a billion with a superhero franchise. Aquaman to me has the most mainstream appeal of any superhero movie for the past few years. I think normal people will love this movie. It feels like Fast & Furious.


Hmmm. I wonder why that is. :wink:


Some Suicide Squad concept art, including designs for King Shark:


Dark Knight Rises is tremendous fun.
I really liked Dark Knight but I loved DKR.

It was the best of an excellent trilogy of movies, which as far as I’m concerned are the top of the pile of superhero films, closely followed by the Raimi trilogy. They are maybe even on par, I’d need to watch them all again.

Raimi and Nolan are both extremely talented directors who injected their personalities into those movies, I don’t know if we are going to ever see something like this done again.


SO this is the reason I came on this thread to catch up, I was 3 or 4 months behind on posts.

I read this news today in SFX, which I’m also behind on.

This is tremendous news. I hope it is true and I hope Gunn makes a brilliant movie and it brings in piles of cash.

Fuck Disney and fuck every single asshole who complained about his old twitter comments that led to his sacking.

The first Suicide Squad movie was a complete pile of horsehit, I hope if he does the second and it’s a success he gets the keys to DC to do whatever he wants with any character he wants.

Gunn is a tremendous talent.

I fully expect now to continue reading the thread and find out that it’s bullshit.


He’s also brilliant - I thought his turn in 2049 was superb. Interesting seeing that side from him.


Jaime has been the Blue Beetle for nearly 13 years, and was featured pretty regularly in both Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Young Justice TV series - hell, he even showed up in Smallville. At this point it’d be less about being in vogue and more about using the character that an entire generation has been introduced to. See also: John Stewart as the best known Green Lantern thanks to the Justice League series (before they dropped the ball by using Hal in the movie).

I’m a huge fan of Ted Kord (I have a Maguire commission of him hanging on the wall of my office) but I understand why they’d go with Jaime over him.


But I think Jaime works because he’s a contrasted reaction to the other Beetles.
And I’m a little jaded enough to think that this is being brought up now due to the positive press the Miles Morales movie has been getting.


I think that’s why they’re committing to it now, for sure. But they were talking about a TV series with the character back in 2010, so I think he’s always been a strong possibility once they moved past the Big 6 or 7.


Oh I agree.
That’s really all I meant about my initial semi-cautious comment.
I’d like for them to take in the whole character and context. And not treat this as just some attempt to be in vogue.