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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


It was in SC as well. Near where I used to live.

Given the location and the actions of the clown(s) I wouldn’t be surprised if it stopped because they were caught and got the living shit kicked out of them.


I’d say it would have been better with Steppenwolf in it, leading up to Justice League vs Darkseid.

Suicide Squad, both versions, always felt like it was missing half of its story. The main villain was anticlimatic, and the Joker is just kind of shoehorned in like he originally had a bigger part in story that got cut down to almost nothing, but they still felt like they needed to keep him in the story becausethey hired an a-list actor for the part.

But the whole SS vs Steppenwolf thing just goes to show how noncommittal and vacillating WB is being with the DCEU. They want to replicate what Marvel and Disney accomplished, but they’re too chickenshit to put in all of the heavy lifting.


And going from some of the concept art - it seems like Steppenwolf was meant to be in the place of The Incubus.
Which means that El Diablo would have gone down fighting a New God.

And that’s even more awesome.



Sounds like it’s exactly as I hoped.


Sounds exactly as I feared.


That’s how I know it’s going to be great. Thanks Tom!


If their number one is MoS or BvS, then great. If it’s Wonder Woman or SQ then I don’t think that Aquaman will be for me.


I have no doubt that it has lavish set-pieces and is beautiful.
The trailers showcase all of that very clearly.

But I’m also seeing a lot of excusing for it feeling a bit boring and long.
Which was my fear given that Momoa and Heard are the leads.



Given that the first reactions are usually OTT in praise of a film, I think the lukewarm responses here a bad sign.



That’s my thinking… if this is more WW than MoS (and I’m pretty sure it is), I’m probably not gonna love it… however it seems that at least it “looks” great… and that’s the one thing I’m interested in for this movie, so I guess I’m still in.




That’s a good idea for a property to develop. Hopefully they can come up with something good that actually sees the light of day.


Wrong Blue Beetle. :frowning:

(Seriously, they have James Gunn. Why is there not a JLI movie in production already?)


There’s another Blue Beetle?


I’m cool with Jaime but only if Dan and Ted get their due and don’t get short-thrifted.
Otherwise it might as well be a lame attempt to be in vogue.


Jaime is such a boring charatcer though… aren’t there other latino characters? u_u

I should say “Blue Beetle” is a boring character, 'cause I wouldn’t watch a Ted Kord movie either, unless it’s in a JLI context…