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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Aaaand another “actor wants a job” story:



It’s a shame the movie wasn’t written by Terry Pratchett, thus depriving us of the line “I could murder A. Curry.”


Would it really cost them (and by “them” I mean all of the major studio releases) that much more to commission well-designed movie posters?


They look good to me. Really crisp, clear and colourful. I’m hoping the entire movie looks that good.


To me they remind me of 90s comics with characters in bad ass poses but nothing else really going on. Or the early 2000s when Marvel did generic covers for the Ultimate universe books. I’d prefer something like these (the first is fan made, the others official), which have more going on visually and are more interesting to look at.


I like those Thor and Wonder Woman ones.

There’s nothing wrong with being clear and simple though. The Aquaman ones seem to be showing off the costumes in particular. It reminds me a bit of the stylish Matrix Reloaded campaign:



These posters are just part of the marketing campaign, ones that show each character. They’re not the main movie posters. I think they look great, but then I’m really looking forward to this movie.


I think the Matrix Reloaded ones work for me because of the contrast of the image and the plain white background. I think it’s the blending of the colors with the foreground and background, along with the composition, that make them look Photoshop-y (to me).


Is it because Jason Momoa is so dreamy? :wink:


He’s lucky he’s pretty is all Jim is saying.