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“Reign of the Supermen” was a great time to be reading comics. Even if you never for a second believed any of them was actually Superman, there was no way to know the big twist behind one of them.



To promte diversity Batman should be played by a woman and Batwoman should be played by a man.


And Robin should be played by a real bird!


Batperson & Robin, the Gender Neutral Wonder?


I’m actually a little more positive about the DC movies than the future of Marvel. After Avengers, it feels a little like they reached the pinnacle of that series so the future isn’t really going to top it. While Warner Bros and Sony seem to be just starting to get their act together and make their superhero films worth seeing.



Hot damn!


Ermegerd! Punk and I agree!


Hey, a Fargo reunion with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. If they want to keep adding Fargo actors, I’d be fine with that.

EDIT: Apparently they’re dating IRL too.


Pretty common knowledge after his daughter wrote a slam piece against MEW.


Not if the slam piece isn’t common knowledge.


Birds of Prey could be a lot of fun. Great cast so far. Weird that they’re apparently going for an R-rating, though. Not really the movie I’d think would require an R-rating.


Dick jokes, clearly.




Adam West was the goddamn Batman!


Huh. Well, McGregor has made a lot of weird carreer choices in his life.