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Did I miss seeing Superboy?


Yes but he’s only in two or three shots.




I prefer his brother, the Batman actor.




Christian Bale is somewhat Welsh, he was born there but I think his nationality changes on a twice daily basis along with his accent. He’s due to be Estonian on Thursday afternoon.


Do you think sometimes he inadvertently relapses into different accents while out and about? Like he’s ordering from the dessert menu in his Batman voice?



The problem with Batman Beyond is that it was done a while back, and it’s more Batman Now. Let’s age Affleck! He’ll enjoy that!


I think his substance abuse problems are already doing that.



Well Hodge is good, he’s been in lots of stuff on UK television.

But will there be any Batman in this movie then…?

It seems not;


So in this universe, The Joker will be about 35 years older than Batman? Interesting choice, but okay.


The Joker is a bit of a mythic character to some people. Less man, more mythic archetype.

Jared Leto’s process for playing the Joker involved listening to music from the turn of the 19th/20th century. He felt that his Joker was far older than he appeared.

There’s some weirder stories about his “research” but I’m going to assume some of them were made up by publicists.


Well in Burton’s movie he was quite older as well… or at least he was supposed to be, since he was the one who shot the Waynes and when he did he was already an adult, so… at least 25 years older, even though the difference between Keaton and Nicholson wasn’t as steep…


Unfortunately, reports from the other actors indicate the stories are true.


I always assumed that Napier was only 10 to 15 years older than Bruce in Burton’s Batman. Like Jack was in his early to mid 20s when he killed the Waynes and Bruce was 10 to 12 at the time.

It’s not a big deal either way since this is it’s own thing and doesn’t seem likely that we’ll ever seen this Joker up against Batman.


Other actors play the game too though. It’s rare that they’ll speak out of turn, even over trivial stuff.

So maybe Leto went full method and maybe he didn’t but it got them headlines either way.


Has anybody read Batman? His private files, I mean.

"Joseph “Joe Chill” Cipporini was only 15 when he killed my parents, and already had seven confirmed kills. "

Okay, so I wrote that. But Burton twisted that point.