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Every single plot they’ve said they’ve wanted for the movie feels like it should work. Heist movie. Heist rom-dram. Heist rom-com. But yeesh, no one behind it must be excited for it.

With regards to Flash at least - no one is behind it at all.
Are the Homecoming guys still on or did they bail too?


They should embrace Gambit’s image and go full on romantic novel style with the film.


He would have taken Gambit to a whole new level a short while back. He maybe could be Gambit’s long-lost daddy?




That’s not even close to full clown make up.


Cesar Romero always covered his moustache


…and nobody ever mentioned that to Cavill!


He wants Slade to bang Rose?


I think he’s teferring to the hallway hammer fight scene. Which is perfect for Deathstroke.


I didn’t know Gareth Evans was doing the Deathstroke movie. That’s a great choice. In fact I think I’d say he’s my favorite Welshman with the name of Gareth.


Sounds like he’s actually thinking more about overall tone:

“I was interested in following a sort of Korean new wave of noir films as a sort of influence and touchstone for the kind of style and tone the film could take,”

Also, he’s not the “Deathstroke director”, as the title there suggests. Later on in the article, it says:

Evans has since clarified that while he has spoke to the studio about the project, he is not officially signed onto helm it.


I prefer Gareth Bale, the Wales and Real Madrid striker.


Yeah, OLDBOY actually is a bit separate from most of the new wave of Korean action movies. Man From Nowhere and A Bittersweet Life are other examples that are great but more typical for the Korean movies (which are actually a lot more like mainstream Hollywood movies anymore). Park Wook Chan’s films are really as idiosyncratic as Wes Anderson’s so, as Spike Lee learned, only Park can make a movie like that.


Yup. He’s not referencing action movies, he’s referencing the new Korean noir. Which is pretty cool really, I would definitely watch a Deathstroke made with that in mind. But I doubt that’s going to happen.


I don’t think it would with him as director unfortunately. Raid 2 is clearly an attempt at a more noir style action movie and it’s just a mess. His strength is unrelenting action.


You don’t like The Raid 2?


It’s got a couple good fights but it’s just a mess as a movie.


I think his sequence in VHS2 is the best thing he’s done.


Co-directed with the guys who did Headshot with Iko Uwais, that was. I wouldn’t say it’s his best, but it definitely nade V/H/S 2 worth watching. I still need to see the third one, with the Nacho Vigalondo segment. Something tells me that it won’t measure up though.