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We’ve seen photos of him already. Everyone knows this.


I think I’d rather see the Joker with stupid tattoos than full clown make-up.


I didn’t mind the fucked up teeth… kinda makes sense considering how much he gets punched in the face by batman… the damaged tattoo… no excuse, that’s by far the worst decision in a character design…


I was already on board with the aquaman when the first trailer premiered. This just increased the hype…


Perfect move. If they do let him direct SQ2 and not just write it, that is.

Honestly, the clever thing to do here would be to just fire everybody and get Gunn and Whedon to rebuild the DC universe from scratch.


Though it makes me wonder… will Marvel scrap Gunn’s script for GotG3 now? I mean, he just went to the competition… that must sting a bit… =P


Well Disney seems to be the epitomy of 'It’s not personal, just business.", so if they like the script I think they’ll use it.


Plus, Guardians3 is so far along in pre-production it’s probably too late to start again from scratch, even though Gunn’s script will probably get rewritten heavily.


Yeah, I think if they were going to scrap it they’d have done so as soon as they fired him. It must be a great script - interested to see who they pick for directing it.


Lloyd Kaufman obviously.



It’s like a turtle race between this and the Gambit movie.


Gambit is never happening. I can’t imagine Disney has any interest in doing that movie at all. And The Flash probably only gets made if at least one of Shazam and Aquaman man are hits. Otherwise I’d say it’s dead in the water too.


The Flash is never happening.
Even if Aquaman and Shazam are hits.


It’s odd how this stuff works out.

‘Flash’ is a great character (or set of characters, pick your favourite version) and the action adventure potential is huge. the TV show has done major R&D on different approaches, people love a good superhero film and yet… it just hasn’t made it to cinemas yet.

If they want a plan for the future; move The Flash to theatres and put Gambit on TV.