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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


No. No, it does not.


That might end up the biggest increase in quality for a sequel ever. Pretty much the entire superhero movie canon fits in the canyon of quality that separates Suicide Squad from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How many awful movies get great sequels? I’m struggling to think of any.

I suppose that we shouldn’t forget how Ayer’s film was butchered in the edit though. I suppose that it’s theoretically possible for Warner Bros. to repeat that, but if this is true and the Joaquin Joker is good then I think they might just save us all. Kinda sucks how the most promising DC movies are about the villains though.


The only thing that could soften losing Gunn from Guardians was putting him on another superhero team of misfits. While it’s not the JLI, Suicide Squad is close enough and maybe if it hits (and the fun tempo of Aquaman, WW and Shazam has help WB find religion on making light hearted movies), then maybe we might see the JLI at some point down the road. And then I can die happy.


With Edgar Wright directing JLI for the ultimate kicker.


Had to know this was coming:


I wish I had any friends as good as Bautista is for Gunn. He is just a stand-up guy.


Dare I say…Doctor Light?


Bane. Or King Shark.


Or Count Vertigo.


He’d be a great Bane.


Bane’s tainted. King Shark is an excellent idea. I’d like to see the movie embrace some of the really out there villains that have no hope of appearing in any mainstream DC movie.

He’d be a perfect Big Sir for the Injustice League movie.


Other characters suggested:

Mr. Freeze
Solomon Grundy
Killer Croc


Already perfectly cast
Maybe Catman?


Not sure he has the chops for Catman.


How about Amazo? Or Amygdala?


So long as they cast Michael Rooker as the Joker.


Rick Flag Sr.


They would actually be foolish to not use the same cast. It’s not like the movie bombed. It did very well. I could see sliding Joakim Phoenix’ Joker in if he were willing to do it.

There were some trashier elements that they’ll want to get rid of too. And I don’t mean “Troma trashy” like Gunn is used to but “TJ Maxx at 11 p.m.” trashy.


Just rewatched it earlier today due to this news.
And wow - it is incredibly slow for how “amped” it tries to pass itself off as.
No surprise given the re-shift of tone.

This would definitely benefit from a sequel having a coherent thorough line.


You are crazy. In a good way, but still.