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The story and direction looks great.

But I do not want to sit through Momoa and Heard’s “acting”.


The clip looked pretty good to me, I thought the effects were fine and some scenes (like the chase through the houses and along the rooftops) looked pretty spectacular. I think the water element will give the film quite a distinctive look among superhero movies too.


That scene looks like a beautiful old Italian seaside town. I hope they fixed the town back to its original state after the destruction…


What the hell is going on with the posters here? Is it miserable Friday???

That looks amazing! I was grinning for the entire thing, it’s like DC have finally gone full Marvel but amped up the fun a little higher. It looks like it’ll be incredible on the big screen and completely engaging. It reminds me of Guardians in so many different ways. I can’t wait for it.

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Looks like fun, though I will agree that the two leads have zero acting ability.




Yeah, I’m definitely in for this!


It’s Redneck Aquaman. He needs a hat that says “Make Atlantis Great Again”.


It’s mostly Todd, you should be used to it by now. SFX not up to the Gross standard, 3rd seahorse from the right has a wrongly rendered nostril.

Show ruined!




I’m still not convinced it’s a hit, but I still want to like it, and I enjoyed that trailer enough that they’ll get my ticket money.

Not that I think it’s 'Guardian’s level of subversion, but Redneck Aquaman is fine with me.

Momoa and Heard have plenty of charisma, Wilson is a fine actor and the supporting cast are all fin.

I mean fun!




This thread is really floundering now.


Should we scale it back?


I’m a bit worried of how much land stuff they’re showing… I’m hoping it’s because they want to keep all the cool underwater scenes for the movie, and not because they’re gonna go the cheap route of it being mostly a land movie… u_u


None of that land was real though, land CG costs roughly the same as the underwater CG.


Well I meant both cheap in terms of cost and in terms of lameness… like doing a literal “fish out of water” story, for some idiotic reason.


I like Aquaman on land.

I think they have to do a fair portion on land to create some kind of connection with the audience. The most interesting thing about the character is the connection between sea and land, how the two worlds relate to each other.


Oh yeah, I enjoyed that!
Visually beautiful. And Black Manta looks good (as I figured it would be so hard to get right).
The more I see the more I want.
Getting my hopes up now.

I know some are waiting for a train wreck, but honestly wish that mentality would stop.
And Marvel would not be hurt by any WB success.