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Hah! Envy Adams is Captain Marvel and Ramona Flowers is Huntress!

Come on Knives Chau! We need you in something superheroic!


Everyone knows what happens when a canary is struck by lighting.

The same thing that happens to everything else.



Well, Dinah Lance is naturally a brunette, so, in that regard, it’s comics-accurate.


Again, take with a grain of salt.


Nicolas Cage Says It’s Too Late to Be Superman, But He’d Be a “Great” Lex Luthor


In a recent interview with The Guardian to promote his new horror film, Mandy, the Oscar-winning actor touched on a number of different topics from his decades-long career, including when, in the late '90s, he nearly played the Man of Steel in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives.

While talking about the defunct project, Cage said the red-caped boat had sailed.

“Oh, I think my Superman days are long gone,” he said with a little pat of his belly, according to The Guardian. Interviewer Hadley Freeman suggested perhaps he could play the villain, and wrote that Cage’s eyes lit up at the idea. “Oh, that would be GREAT! I’d make a great Lex Luthor!”



Nic Cage as the Lionel Luthor to Jesse Eisenberg’s jar-of-piss Lex would be the saving grace of my interest in the DCU movies.


I wanna see Cage’s Lex in a movie with Phoenix’s Joker. Not Leto’s Joker.


Actually I can see a bat-shit crazy Nic Cage as Luthor…


I actually really liked Dark Knight Rises. It’s kind of silly but a lot of fun. Bane is an awesome villain.


Is this:


I agree with Jim on Dark Knight having the best scene in all superhero movies but for me it is the opening scene.


I think that is one of the most unintentionally funny scenes in cinema.

Here’s Bruce, Tom Conti’s character and a junkie doctor in a cell.

BRUCE: Who’s that?

TOM CONTI: That’s the doctor.

BRUCE: What are you doing?

TOM CONTI: You have a piece of spine sticking out of your back. I need to push it back in.

BRUCE: Wait a minute! I thought you said HE was the doctor. What are your qualifica…YEARRGH!

TOM CONTI: Feel better?


I’m a fan of the scene where Batman confronts Sal Maroni in the night club. Specifically seeing him make his way to Maroni through his goons and the strobe lights.



That looks absolutely horrible. Hopefully those aren’t the final VFX because if they are, they’re terrible.


Hm I think it looks OK. The designs all look great I think. I think I will like this movie.


Yeah it looks okay to me. To be honest effects are not really a factor in me watching any film, they were in the 1980s, since CGI came in they can do whatever. The last film where they spoiled any enjoyment was The Mummy Returns, that was 17 years ago.


I like the way they’ve made Aquaman into a gormless idiot for comedic effect.

Wait. No I don’t.


Actually, this…


If that’s the case I’ve got some bad news for you about Marvel movies.

They sure love their pee jokes at DC though.