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I think the big problems with Rises are that too much of it takes place during the day, where the Batman universe tends to look ridiculous (while you could argue the three films are dusk, dark, morning, my point still stands). And the plot required far too much exposition to get where it needed to be throughout.

I don’t think it’s as bad as its rep, and if we lived in era with less product and when people rewatched stuff more often, then history would be kind to it.

Bane is incredible though. What a gutsy performance, especially given what he had to top from the last film. We could use more of that.



And still was way daft.


They’re all daft. Rises got the focus of the internet, but Begins has a daft plot to kill a city, Joker’s arc makes no real sense, and abandoning Gotham to a nuclear bomb is very silly.

Oh no, it’s best when Bane is on screen. The opening scene, “that’s a lovely lovely voice”, “do you feel in charge”, “There’s no money here - then why are you here?”. Bane by far is the best thing in the movie.


Yep. I did say that in 2005 :slight_smile:. But least that was after two thirds of the movie were past. Same for the Joker’s arc in Dark Knight.

Rises starts out incredibly stupid, on the other hand. Like, Bruce Wayne is hiding a fusion reactor that would solve the world’s energy problems because there’s a danger that if things go wrong, the result would be… roughly equivalent to the same thing happening with a nuclear power station, really.

And that is, like, the starting point of the plot. It all goes downhill from there. Once you’re at the point where hanging from a rope not only heals Bruce’s broken back but also his decades-old physical ailments, apparently, you’ve kind of stopped caring.


Batman Begins - A lovely slow burn, with a lovely big burn at the end.
Dark Knight - A couple of scenes could have been directed better (as they seemed to ‘drag’ but were vital to the film). Overall the best superhero movie so far.
Rises - Horseshit with whipped cream on top. Despicable waste of film stock.


But does it help him see time in a different way? :thinking:


I think that comes once he understands what Alfred, Bane and Gordon are actually saying.


That line “Do you feel in charge?” was perfect and perfectly delivered.


I think you’ll find the real reasons is the Tom Conti Magic Massage ™.


Well he was able to travel all the way from the middle of the desert to Gotham City in almost no time at all, so, maybe?


They are all daft to varying degrees, which makes it all the more regrettable that the strongest conflict they had (Dent vs Batman) they rushed through in about half an hour.


I think Eckhart did excelent work too, but his performance was overshadowed by Ledger’s Joker, and although that was always going to happen to a degree (Ledger was great), it was the tragic circumstances that really pushed him out of the limelight so much.



I saw the Wiseau stuff floating around yesterday. Some article on called it “a surprisingly stellar take” and I face palmed pretty hard. The fact that I even know who Tommy Wiseau is kind of upsets me, though.



That was pretty much a lock, from what I’ve heard. Ivy seems a problem.


His Batman voice is the best.


I await the inevitable backlash of casting a black women as Black Canary…


If Black Canary was hit by Black Lightning, would it taste like chicken?