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huh that’s practially the Arkham games city map =P

Also, I’m really left cold with those videos and pics… I don’t get what the fuss is all about… u_u


Yeah, I thought of the Arkham games too. :slight_smile:




How very Millaresque!

Did Hulk ever catch Freddy Prinze Jr.?




If he needs to know the answer to that question he should watch Batman Begins. I just started rewatching it and had forgotten just how good it is. I guess it was overshadowed by Ledger’s Joker and the unsatisfactory Rises in my memory but it is a seriously solid bit of filmmaking.


I remember hating it because of the irritating accents.
But rewatched it the other day and it is quite good.


My quick and dirty takes on the Nolan trilogy (from memory—I haven’t watched any in years).

Batman Begins: The best of the lot, one of the best superhero movies ever, definitely the best cast for a superhero movie ever, wears its themes too heavily, gets a bit worse when Batman shows up, daft ending.

Dark Knight: Great Joker; daft beginning, middle, and ending.

DKR: Amazing opening sequence, otherwise a mess all over, however Bane is one of the greatest superhero villains ever and the first “well he’s right you know” villain (blazing the trail for Killmonger).


I can barely remember the third one.


I agree with you on all three but still absolutely love each one, faults and all.


Yeah, I feel the same as Will. I recognize their flaws but love all of them. Batman Begins is better than people seem to give it credit for, but Batman’s refusal to save Ra’s at the end I actually think it way worse than the Man of Steel neck snapping moment. Goyer really should be kept away from these things.


My inherent problem with them prevents me from loving them. I hugely admire the craft but throughout all three, and especially Rises, I felt Nolan had real issues with melding the real life and the fantasy and would rather be doing something else. I’d rather watch any of his other films first. Maybe rather away from the fantastic all together, his best film for me is Dunkirk which truly moved me and knew what it wanted to be and say.


I’ve always felt Batman Begins is the worst of the three. It felt amazing at the time because in part we were starved for good superhero movies, and this was the first time Batman was being taken seriously. I just didn’t like it as a movie that much - not compared to the other two.

I think everything that can be said about the Dark Knight has been said. I’ve never felt tension in a movie like during the main act of capturing the Joker and then his police station plan. The interrogation scene is still the high point of superhero movies, and maybe the high point of blockbuster movies over the last decade. Funny how the best scene in superhero history has no special effects, no gimmicks, no big set. Just two men talking in a room like a stage play setting.

I like Rises more than most. From the opening sequence to Bane just being ridiculous to the ending it’s a great silly experience. I think it has more moments than the other movies - more lines that are quotable, more scenes that you’ll never forget. It feels like Nolan had all these scenes he wanted to do, and then he jammed a story into them. The story is all over the place, the stories have essentially been the weakest aspect of the Nolan movies, but if you just let it go it’s incredibly watchable and never drags.


And yet not at all surprising when you consider it’s two of the best actors of their generation being directed by one of the best directors of his generation. That scene is masterful, though.


Very much so. More than a bit, really.

My biggest problem with Dark Knight and Begins was basically the same: it got boring whenever Batman showed up, and the best parts of the movie were when he wasn’t on-screen. That’s a serious flaw for bat-movies.

Fortunately, Rises was so bad overall that it didn’t really matter anymore.


It’s a fair point, there are some sensational scenes in that film, the overall package is lacking.


Rises has the great stuff with Batman and Catwoman fighting together on the rooftop before escaping from Bane in The Bat (this isn’t a car). They have that great montage of teaming up in the sewers and Batman gets to be Batman for a few minutes… before he gets betrayed and broken. I think that Rises is best when Batman is on screen (the stock exchange heist getaway; the “war” stuff at the end). It seems to sag for me when we cut to JGL/Robin skulking around, or Gary Oldman using a voice that’s harder to understand than the original one for Bane.

Honestly I owe all three a rewatch. Probably haven’t seen Rises properly in about four years.


Check out how that fight ended in an earlier draft of the script here

Batman STRUGGLES uselessly against Ra’s Al Ghul IRON GRIP.

RA’S AL GHUL: Are you afraid?!!

Ra’s looks up at Batman’s DYING eyes . . . Batman’s hands STOP PUSHING against Ra’s . . .

BATMAN (choked): Yes . . .

. . . and slip down his cloak to the activating pockets—

BATMAN: . . . but not of you.

The cloak goes RIGID—CATCHES THE WIND—like pulling a rip cord—Batman YANKED from Ra’s Al Ghul’s hands, INTO THE AIR . . .

Ra’s SCREAMS as he rides the train OFF THE MONORAIL . . .