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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Looks like a tribute to this:

It’s a super weird initial piece of PR, but I guess it’s worked as it has people interested. People really love the Joker character, he always seems to be a hit.


I dunno, to me it reminds me of John Wayne Gacy with the classic mime/harlequin diamond eye effect going on added for extra flair.


I think it’s be pretty awful of Warners to deliberately use JWG for marketing their new superhero movie. That’s a pretty shitty soulless thing to do.


There’s definitely more similarities to that than to the '66 thing.
I mean, the big takedown of that is the blue mouth.



DC did a smart move with the makeup reveal.
They did it right before they knew they were going to be shooting a very revealing set-piece in an open and public place.

By making a reveal video and putting it out the way they did - it was able to be showcased on their own terms.


Now, this you should probably take with a grain of salt:



Lots of Easter Eggs in this pic from the set too.


Feels like this Joker movie has moved unusually quickly from first announcement to filming? I didn’t even get to properly doubt it would actually happen!


The outfit is very much from the Nolan film, isn’t it?

I’m skeptical that this film will work minus Batman, or any well known superhero, but we’ll see.


To be honest, it looks as much like the Romero costume to me.

I like it.

(The hair and face is definitely more Nolan though.)


Also some of the Burton merch too.


Do you really think so? Looks far more like an actual clown’s makeup to me than the Nolan one.

I expect it’ll work fine, provided you’re okay with a mid-level audience and earnings. A Joker movie like this isn’t going to be a blockbuster.


Orisberg? OTISBERG???

Grant, McKean, Rogers, Kane County … okay. Otisberg?



Disagreed. I think this is going to kill it at the BO, assuming it’s not terrible.



Loving the look of the Joker. When it was first talked about, I thought this was going to be a pretty standard crime movie, that hinted at the Joker…So it’s cool to see they appear to be going full Joker with it.

I do hope this is a hit for DC. I get why they went for the cinematic universe…But it hasn’t worked. So maybe more lower budget standalone films is a way forward.


Hey, Otis put up with a lot of crap. Luthor owed him.