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Agreed and Deadpool also has its own tone and made crazy money for the outlay, Logan too.

I think that feeds even more to the fact that the Snyder issue wasn’t tone, the product still didn’t appeal (and also cost too much).


Even as a big fan of Man of Steel and moderate fan of Dawn of Justice it is pretty easy to see why the Snyder films disappointed. And to be fair to him there were problems that go far beyond his contribution.

Really if the Superman of Justice League was who we saw in the final act of Man of Steel a lot would have been forgiven. Things might have played out a lot differently if there had been an adult with clout in the room to say “you can’t have Superman snap someone’s neck.”


Pretty much that, yeah. Superman was probably the one thing in Justice League that worked for me and it made it clear that Snyder did have a vision for Superman. I think if he’d gotten to do a Superman trilogy without Justice League shenanigans, it may have ended up being pretty well regarded. And I say this as someone who really disliked a lot about the final act Man of Steel. But I also thought the Superman/Luthor bits were the best bits of BvS. I’ve always thought there was a really good Superman movie in there that got mucked up with Batman and the build to Justice League.


It’s not just Snyder to be fair, his stuff all looks great but listening to Goyer talk I’m not sure I understood his take. It was all about Clark was young and learning but you can’t assume an answer in later episodes when your film costs $250m, it needs to completely stand alone as a first episode intro.

(Yes Infinity War does not stand alone at all but it’s what you get after a decade of pretty unending success in a franchise, not episode one).


I’m interested in what Warner Bros do next with the character.

And how close they are (or aren’t) to deciding what that will be?


It was a risk that they thought the audience would accept the action. I understand it. We were in a world where Batman could be grim and miserable, where his stories dealt with social commentary and challenged the viewer. Warners had been doing everything right. And their take on Superman - the alien powerful enough to change the planet, so he hides because he’s not sure the planet is ready for him - that made sense. And killing Zod - Superman letting go of his past and learning that he’ll never kill again seemed poetic. But, alas it was a step too far.


I think he could have killed Zod, but not in a way that was so visceral and barbaric.


The one thing I’d change about Superman (or maybe two things) would be to take away his heat vision and his x-ray vision. Super-senses are fine, but lasers shooting out of his eyes and seeing through things is just too much.


Like pushing him over a cliff into a deep, black cavern?



Well, I think it works.
I’m still not that interested in the movie. But it’s a good visual compromise for what they’ve said they want the movie to be.


With smiles and soaring music.


You mean like this?


I think this is going to be fantastic.


That bit where the lyrics start to ramp up and then the rainbow colored curtains come into the focus is…really damn good.

If that’s the style of just a “make up test” it bodes insanely well for the movie.


Oh look it’s a clown… u_u


Did somebody call?


That Production Assistant did nothing to warrant that Ronnie :frowning:


That was the AD and he knew what he did.


He knows what he did.