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One thing I don’t get is why they’re casting an actor in his 60s for Thomas. I’d always assumed he died young, given his son was still a kid at the time.


If they’re doing the “Trump” inspiration rumor - then it makes sense. I mean, Baron is a young kid.


You know men can have children later in life right?


The proper (i.e. Silver Age) origin has her born on Argo City after Krypton explodes (and throws Argo City clear). She lives there until her teens and is sent to Earth to land as a teen, meeting an adult Kal-El for the first time. No freezing or time shenanegans involved. She’s younger than him and has always been younger than him.

I don’t mind the rebooted “older but frozen for a decade” origin, it neatly explains the two key facets of the character (1) now being younger than him but (2) actually having grown up among Kryptonians, but it’s not necessary because the proper origin works perfectly well.


Why wouldn’t you? :open_mouth:


Has there been a really compelling version of Krypton that people want to see on the big screen?

The recent movies spent a bit more time there, and the the TV show is running now.

I’m not all the interested myself.


I think it works best in small doses, as glimpses of this alien culture like in the Donner Superman and Man Of Steel.


The first 30 minutes of the Superman: The Animated Series pilot was spent on Krypton.


I’m not interested in the Krypton they portray in the current TV series of that name. It’s a very generic, cliched, SF world.

It’s not nearly as good as the one in Man of Steel, though :wink:


Really, despite all potential evidence to the contrary, DC still has the advantage over Marvel. With maybe Spider-Man and the X-Men as the notable exceptions, DC’s characters have always been stronger archetypes, but Warner Brothers is still in the infantile stage of their development.

Eventually, WB will benefit when the Marvel movie fans get tired of the “pop” sensibility of the Disney “for the kids” films and they decide to stop trying to “humanize” the characters.

I think GLASS (like UNBREAKABLE) will work in the same way, showing that superhero movies targeted to adults is the winning approach even though it might take a decade and a half before they do it.


Take with a grain of salt:


Why? It’s Deadline, not some small-time website looking for clicks.


I supposed I should have expected that @RonnieM :stuck_out_tongue:


Except WB are moving into the exact same Disney “pop” territory… I mean, let’s be real here, WW was basically a MCU movie… I’ll bet you anything WW2 will be even more like a MCU flick.

The Snyder-verse could’ve been something amazing and for the ages, but fuckin’ fandom’s become cancerous… bad timing I guess… u_u


Snyder’s movies didn’t make enough money.

Warner Bros didn’t move on because of fandom, it moved on in order to make more money.


Yes, but that’s all toxic fandom’s fault, for not handing over their money for films they didn’t want to see. Bastards.


(I know we’re joking a bit here but…)

A boycott by everyone who made a fuss on Twitter wouldn’t even be noticed by the studio.

The people who stayed away were the general audience.

And it’s not like they all stayed away, but the films are so expensive that they need a huge turnout and they didn’t get it.

So Warners have made changes and are continuing to do so.


yes… and why?

anyways, whatever… I know most of you dislike those movies, so no point in arguing for the Nth time…


I think because mainstream audiences found them fairly mediocre.


Nolan’s movies made insane money and have a very different tone from Marvel. There’s a market for a more serious, grounded, introspective take on the superhero genre.