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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Aye, but on another hand…it is kind of re-affirming, ain’t it?
That we’ve kept our wits.


I’d bet the Henry Cavill news got more clicks and retweets than anything that happened in politics this week. The internet knows its market.


It’s amazing. Aside from Justice League I like these movies better than 99% of the public and I don’t give a shit about the daily rumors. Who is clicking?


First image of Phoenix from Joker:


Who decided on the Bucky Larsen hairdo?


I admire the balls on Warner’s for deciding “fuck it, let’s get weird” with the DCU.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


This Joker seems to have a dominant eye. Feint to left, come around hard to the right occipital. Then sweep the feet, sweep the feet, sweep the feet!


Ummm…that looks like about half of Phoenix’s characters in other films. What is supposed to be Joker-esque about this pic?


Oh Ronnie, why so serious?


While I’m interested to see what Phoenix will do with the character, that has got to be the lamest “first look” photo you could possibly go with for just about any movie, let alone a Joker movie. Dude’s not even smiling…


Are we sure that’s just not his most recent drivers license photo? :wink:

Edit: It was reminding me of something. Looks like Jim Carrey from Kidding.


That’s the least Joker-looking Joker I’ve ever seen… :smile:


I think the idea is to do something as far from Jared Leto’s Joker as is humanly possible.


I liked Leto Joker… u_u

Except for that idiotic “damaged” tattoo, that is…


That will depend on timing. If it’s the only thing in wide release from any studio then it will be #1 at least the first week, but I think it’s likely going to go the way of JOHN CARTER. If any family friendly film is released at the same time, it’s toast.


‘Carter’ was badly advertised.

It’s a cliche to blame (and often fire) the marketing department, but Disney was restructuring when ‘Carter’ was in production and then release. They had replaced key marketing figures with new blood, who had online experience (it’s weird that this was still a novelty in 2012) but not film.

The film also lacked a strong producer to fight for it. There was no gorilla in the room to defend it.

Disney was already looking to Marvel and Lucasfilm and ‘John Carter’ just wasn’t a priority, despite the budget.

(all of that comes from, which @James told me about).

I have issues with the drawn out running time and Carter himself being a bit too dull, but it could’ve done better with more support.

We’ll see how much support ‘Aquaman’ gets?


Cullen was already in The Dark Knight Rises, but sure.


Thomas Wayne is an iconic role?


Yeah, I mean, who could forget who played him in the Burton movie…you know, uh…