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So does anyone know what the fuck is happening or is the internet just a huge echo chamber of bullshit?


I mean, like I first commented - the previous time this rumor came around it originated from a parody account.

Can’t believe anyone took it serious.


It doesn’t seem like anyone actually knows but the fact that both Cavill’s agent and WB issued non-denials isn’t reassuring.


Fuck it, if Cavill is out they need to just do a stand alone Red Son movie(s). I’m not interested in any other Superman film at this point anyway. I’m tired of “universes” that require seeing 20 movies to get it. DC screwed the pooch already in their attempt to catch up with Marvel. (I burned myself out on marvel without even seeing IW)
Redson would be a completely different take on Superman and break the formulaic BS we’ve been getting from Superhero movies in general.
Not going to happen but just thinking about it is better than watching Justice League. :wink:


Warner Brothers executives know, but I don’t think anyone else does. However, what interests me is the possibility that this is a way to affect contract negotiations. It certainly makes it clear that people are not going to be too upset if Cavill loses the role.


Warner’s continues to prove to be the dumbest studio of them all. A very high bar considering Sony.


Remember the good old days when Warner owned a wrestling promotion that lost $65m in one year?


I actually think Cavill would be perfect for Superman: Red Son.


Or he could play Stalin! :wink:


BossLogic fanart of Michael B. Jordan as Val-Zod:


Whoever it is, they really should have a moustache.



And that’s only because Warners has made such a godawful mess out of the DCEU that I don’t think anyone cares. We’ve already gone through this with Affleck every couple of weeks for the past year.


Obama could work as a middle aged black Superman. Superman doesn’t have to be ripped, and Obama is in great shape physically. :wink:


I think people would have more of an outcry if Gal Gadot dropped out of the role. WB is trying to find the right tone and appeal of their heroes without outright copying Marvel’s.

Unfortunately, the trailers for Aquaman don’t give the impression they are moving in the right direction.


I keep forgetting that ‘Aquaman’ is on it’s way. I think it’ll do ok despite that. I want to like it.

Wan is very talented and Momoa has all the charisma they need, plus the supporting cast are great.

So I hope it works for them.


Momoa was beyond a doubt my favorite part of Justice League. I’m very, very ready for Aquaman.


If Aquaman is good and WW2 is then DC could be on the right path. Just forget about Batman and Superman for a while and make cool movies with their b-tier characters, I would like that. And then maybe in a few years start thinking about how to do Batman and Superman right.



The amount of 24/7 news and attention devoted to these movies, so much of it rooted in speculation, is amazing to me. It’s not just crap like Bleeding Cool, either, it’s magazines like Forbes too.