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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


And this is why you’re not a WB executive! :wink:


A lot of rationalising that people do to say no to things is sometimes weird.

When ‘Iron Man’ was in development at New Line they baulked at making it because people wouldn’t believe a metal suit would fly.

But I don’t think that was a real reason, it was just a way to convince themselves they were being rational.

Warners has gone cold on the DCU and that means everyone except Gadot is less secure in their roles.

They’ve spent the money on ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’ but if they were in development right now I don’t think either would get a greenlight.




Ben Affleck has been out of that role about 20 times now.



This is taking off fast!

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Because he stole it.


I want Jose Altuve! :smile:




Proudly following in the what-the-fuck footsteps of Kevin Costner’s Pa Kent.


After the backlash of casting Jordan as Johnny Storm, I’d think he’d want nothing to do with being Superman. Because it would probably be 1000 times worse. The internet would lose its goddamn mind. Trump would probably chime in after Fox New declared WB as racist for making another white hero black. The Alt Right would probably march on Hollywood or something ludicrous. And we’d end up with a movie starring Donald Trump as Jor-El with Paul Ryan or Jared Kushner as Superman and it would make 3 billion dollars somehow…

Michael B Jordan as John Stewart being mentored by the rumored Tom Cruise Hal Jordan, though? That would be a lot more interesting.


Donald Trump as Jor-El?
You just scared the f*@# out of me. Don’t give panicky people bad ideas.
They’d have to make all the other Kryptonians orange as well…


If Michael B. Jordan anyone…it’d be cool to see him as Shilo Norman




I doubt he gives a shit about the backlash.

The film didn’t work but he was fine and his presence didn’t cut into the box office, what there was of it, he’s got more fans than half-wit twitter ranters who reckon they’ll boycott something because of half-wit reasons.

Superman is likely to remain white because studios are inherently cautious about high profile IP.

They may not know anything about the ‘Fantasic Four’ but everyone knows Superman.


Either this Superman:

or this one:


I have a great fondness for the Earth-23 Kalelbama. Let’s go for it! Bring in Barry to be POTUS-on-film and when he changes to Superman, Michael. B.!

The one thing I would demand is live cameras on the Big Evil Carrot when he sees this as confirmed news on Fox & Friends.


Black Superman? ha!, yeah no, that’s not gonna happen… the last thing WB needs is yet another DC movie controversy…


Pretty clear I think

Krypto movie is coming