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Probably because it’s what people actually do when given a chance.

Henry VIII of England, a man with an ego the size of his tummy and then some, had armour like this;

Plenty of unnecessary detail there.

Bold clean lines are something from industrial design, and even then, designer like to show of a bit because customers like it too.

It can’t all be made by the Bauhaus.


In comparison to that Steppenwolf design, Henry VIII’s armour looks like an iphone.


More seriously - I get that comic-book designs don’t work on screen without extra detail. The large flat areas, with bold uniform colour look a bit silly in real-life.

So we get stuff like the ‘basketball’ texture on Spidey and Superman, or the armour detailing on Batman. That’s fine, and it makes the look of those characters work on-screen.

But you can go too far with this stuff, to the extent it becomes a distraction and looks messy. Like a lot of things, it’s a question of degree.


Steppenwolf has access to more advanced technology that a medieval European monarch. :wink:

Which is probably why those are rejected designs.

I know a lot of people don’t like the Bayformers but he was trying to convey how a Mack Truck becomes a big robot with facial expressions, mechanically.

Even the ‘Bumblebee’ redesign which is a lot more G1, retains a lot of the inner workings.


Yeah, I guess I can see more what the Transformers were trying to do. I don’t mind most of them that much, but I remember Megatron standing out as a “too far” example - he just looked like a mess to me.

The new Bumblebee looks like a nice balance.


Yeah, like they split up for the third time ten years ago

As much as I didn’t like the robot asthethic in Michael Bay’s Giant Robot Movies, I would have found them far more forgiveable if bits and pieces weren’t contatnly moving while they were even standing still.


In my experience, that’s middle age for you.


They would’ve looked like statues.

One of things that makes animated characters (2D or 3D) look alive is that they don’t stop dead. Living things have hundreds of micro movements that are visible externally, and their internal organs are working too of course, but you can’t see them.

So are the components of your car, unless you turn the engine off.


It’s more a case of finding a happy medium though - in Transformers, the robots very rarely actually stand still, they’re always moving, swaying and so on - probably to stop them seeming like CG statues as you note. But beyond that there’s a constant level of movin on their bodies- hatches opening and closing, cogs whirring, plates moving - and there’s no reason for it aside from adding complexity, and it just serves to make the film’s noise to signal ratio even worse.


You don’t know that, they might explode if they don’t do that!


That’s what video essayist Dan Olson calls the Thermian Argument:


Does he…


I always felt it was because they felt the relatively new HD projection and TVs would make their designs wow people.



The last time this was bandied about the “source” was a parody account.
And even then this article makes some weird assumptions about Supergirl.

Still might be true, due to The Witcher and Cavill getting some sweet Netflix money, but I’ll wait.


That’s disappointing if it is true. At least we got Man of Steel.


What films from the current version of the DCU are definitely still coming (ie. in production)? Is it just Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam? Or is Flash definitely happening too?

Feels like with a new Batman and Superman they may want to just start over. But it would be a shame to lose Gadot as Wonder Woman.


Flash is never happening.


Joker is definitely happening, and it sounds like Birds of Prey is deep enough in preproduction to be a lock.


Gal goes, I go.