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Cameras require film.

Film is pricey.

Could be a deal-breaker.


How old ARE you, Miqque?


You’ll find out … tomorrow!


Dude, he had to wait for Earth to assemble.


I think he’s secretly Chris Nolan.


Yup. Stan stole my “Invertebrates Assemble!” line.




I’d watch that movie.


I’d like a trilogy now please. I’ll be even more excited if they decided to call the movie “Hawkguy” instead.

What this really highlights is how rubbish interview questions are.


Why does Batman not dance anymore?



Those are all pretty terrible.


You’re being too kind. They’re very terrible.


I assume you guys are talking about all of them but the Steppenwolf one.

The Steppenwolf one is like the Michael Jordan of terrible.


Could the Flash one have worked in live-action? It seems more streamlined than what made it to the screen.


They look like puppets. Really expensive, over-thought puppets.


Well I’m assuming the Steppenwolf one would’ve had all the metal bits moving, which would’ve looked kinda interesting at least… anyways, it’s not like what they ended up with was much better :smile:


Steppenwolf is basically Zeiram


Seems like he’s basically movie-Megatron.

(What is it about movies taking these clean, bold designs and adding all sorts of extraneous unnecessary detail?)