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It’s easy to say that after it is assured nobody will se it, but that wouldn’t surprise me. Affleck is probably the best screenwriter to ever work on a Batman script.


I got the impression that Affleck decided to step back for personal reasons, and given his return to rehab recently that may well be the case.

Reeves version of Batman will probably be a good film, but I was interested to see what Affleck was going to do.


Obviously nobody saw Live by Night but it contained a crackerjack car chase, and the movie opened with a bravura single take shot. His Batman movie would have been pretty cool.


Live by Night was really good. It seemed a little lacking in parts, but it was overall very solid. The Town is great, especially the director’s cut. Argo, while not necessarily worthy of the accolades it got, was really good. Gone Baby Gone is just a gripping, tight crime story. Affleck is a great writer and a very capable director. I’d take him over Matt Reeves for a Batman movie, honestly.


Quite liked Live By Night. Rather a cross between '30’s gangster movies with a bit of Scarface thrown in and Boston accents. Well done. Just not Batman.


Well, also, I’m kind of under the impression that Affleck signed on to play the older grittier Batman we saw in BvS, who was widely praised btw… Then when they turned him into a camp-machine in the whedon JL, he might not have been a fan of that… I mean, that’s obviously speculation on my part, but given his history, I think that might’ve been part of the problem.


That, and his general downward spiral. TMZ had a shot of him on an outing from rehab, and he looked just like someone looks two weeks into rehab. I think he’ll be a bit older and a bit grittier after this. The only thing after sobriety is a monastery, and i don’t think he’d like some of the rules.


The way Warners works though, he could do whatever he wanted to with his Batman, because it would be HIS, just like Reeves is doing HIS Batman and we’re also getting another version of The Joker.

Affleck is in his middle age and he’s still getting his life in order. I hope he does it. I hope he’s RDJ without the truly catastrophic mess that RDJ experienced.

But Batman may not be part of that for him and, since I like what he’s done with the role, I’m a bit sad about that.


Well, not if they “course-correcting” as a whole. The new Joker is a lot more recent than the whole post-BvS shit show they had in there… who knows what went on. But yeah, it might have more to do with his personal life… who knows… The only thing I know is that he was into it in BvS and in JL (particularly the re-shoots) he was kinda phoning it in.


Monks make their own beer, a lot of the time, so he might be down with that life.


Well, after Lorenzo Semple, obviously.


Best trailer yet! :wink:





A miracle?




It can be two things!


It would be.