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They’ll cut Affleck if they can’t rely on him or think someone else will sell more tickets.

We’re in a largely post-movie star world. There are other good looking actors who could play Batman, but none of them are sure fire box office winners.

The third option is to ditch Batman in the Justice League universe they’ve created. Just concentrate on other characters, like Wonder Woman, and restart Batman with the Matt Reeves film.


The combat stuff is fine. I’m talking more about being the cool guy with the goatee and quips. It’s starting to come off like the “how do you do fellow kids” Steve Buscemi meme or when David Brent would turn his ball cap backwards.


It’s a fair point, he needs to adjust the facial hair.


NO. i think Damian would not do well at all in the movies. Maybe if he is treated better than he is in the comics. IMO, he tries to be Batman without the training and experience. The other 3 ex-Robins treat him like a joke because he is a know it all brat who has a great deal of potential but no one helping him achieve it or no one other than Bats who he will listen to.


I don’t think there’s a budget that supports Damien as a character.

He’s the indie movie version of Robin.


You may be right. I’m not sure hanging all the baggage the role carries on a kid is that bright an idea, on reflection. Maybe just CGI him?


That’s why God created steroids.


This is the crux of it, I think. DKR and an aged Batman is great as a one-off story, but it’s not where you start if you’re building a franchise that you want to last for years.


Screw you all and your hate of Batfleck, the best Batman ever. :wink:

Also, I prefer Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne. Baldwin does nothing for me.


Agreed*… Also, I think we all know by now that Snyder started doing something and then he was asked to do something else… hence the gigantic mess we ended up with.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, because they can always recast and/or they have ways to de-age a character in the Batman-verse…

*in BvS, yes… in JL he was awful… blame the writting.


I actually thought he was pretty good in BvS (still haven’t seen Justice League), I just think it was a bit short-sighted to start with an older Batman.


He didn’t work for other reasons in Justice League. You could tell there was something going on with Affleck during the time of the reshoots.


I’m sure he started having flashbacks of DD :smile:


I actually love Affleck’s Daredevil too. :wink:


Yeah I do too (except that attrocious soundtrack) but most people don’t =P


Aside from the fact that he flat out kills people, and the dude from The Matrix playing Ben Urich, I see a lot of redeeming qualities in that film. Mostly in the director’s cut. I never did see Elektra though.




I’m aware of him. :wink:



That was fast. I guess the reports jumped the gun.

No pun intended.