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Without even clicking on the link I’m going to Mask of the Phantom.


Phantasm, but yeah.




I don’t need to click, Isaac is one of the best actors of his generation.

But I still like Affleck and his work in the role.



I though a solo Joker film sounded like a pretty daft idea at first. But I’m kind of fascinated to see what it’s going to be like now that we’ve seen who they’re casting.


I could be great or it could be a train wreck.

Since it’s not my money; have at it! I’ll be waiting.




That’s kinda lame…


Wasn’t he considered for Batman before the role went to Keaton?


I’m curious, and on of y’all likely know the story. I know Mace Neufeld bought Clancy. Baldwin was good in Hunt for Red October and then never brought back. And wasn’t that before the marriage to Basinger? Inquiring mind wants to know1


Sad times for the Batffleck.


I assumed he was out a long time ago.


They have to keep up the pretence that he’s still in so they can keep writing news articles about him being out.


Best thing would be for Ben to go back to the Bat after rehab, only a Bat that does not drink, having found it really is not too good for him!

Ben could be the kind of guy in and out of rehab all his life. It happens, sometimes with very productive periods of sobriety in between relapses. (I don’t believe in “relapses”, btw; I merely find them the course of a disorder, and sometimes they can be useful in slowing other periods of abuse.)

Yeah, I’d love to be his therapist for a while. I think he’s got one big issue inside him (maybe Casey, too - I never neglect the family) so far untouched. It keeps flaring up. I would not even venture a guess at this point, but he’s definitely a lad whose substance abuse rehab would be augmented well by specific insight therapy.


He’s going to be 50 soon and he looks it. RDJ is starting to look ridiculous playing a 53-year-old Iron Man and he has a decade of the role behind him. Even if you set everything else aside we’re clearly at the end of the road with Affleck. One more solo film could have worked if they fast tracked it. He didn’t mesh with the group at all in Justice League.

As good as a job as he did in BvS, he never should have been cast. Snyder wanted to do the whole Frank Miller DKR thing but it was a short sighted decision.


Iron Man has a better excuse as he’s really just wearing armour. Theoretically anyone could do it. I can see the MCU just moving him into a mentor role which’ll prolong the idea until he’s 90 if he wants.

Batman, Captain America etc need to be buff and convincing.


Standalone would still work. Maybe do the Deathstroke thing, as I do not see a JL2 on the horizon. Best would be Court of Owls (though Gotham did it okay) and introduce Damian.