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Wonder Woman won the Hugo for best Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, beating out Last Jedi, Get Out, Blade Runner 2049, The Shape of Water and Thor Ragnarok


Yeah but that’s like Obama winning the nobel prize… u_u


The Hugos are voted on by the attendees of Worldcon, not chosen by a panel so it’s nothing like winning a nobel prize.


Yes, because that’s what I meant… :roll_eyes:


Maybe you should work on your communication skills.


I can’t understand what either of you are getting at. :upside_down_face:



Of course. it did something different, it told a story.

Last Jedi sucked hugely.
Get Out - quite good, but the third act was flat.
2049 - snoozefest.
Shape of Water - Fish-fucking. Really?
Thor:Ragnarok - Too funny to be taken seriously, no Valhalla.

Makes sense.


Outside of Get Out that does look like a “thinnest kid at fat camp” award for Wonder Woman.


Fun and joy at the Loveland homestead!


Hm, no… besides TLJ, all of those films are superior to WW, Ragnarok being the closest (but still better).



Did Todd hack your account?



which means I only hurt websites to make them stronger.

Yeah that’s what most abusers says.


Robert B is in fact well known for Being Wrong about Thor:Ragnarök.


Out of those I’ve seen, I would have picked Blade Runner, which was surprisingly better in execution than it looked in theory.

But I also think that the Hugo should be reserved for SF, so half of those shouldn’t have been on the ballot anyway. (Yes, I know they’ve been awarding them for fantasy for years. Doesn’t mean I have to like the idea :expressionless: ).


If we’re getting pedantic, all of those films could be classified as fantasy, including Blade Runner.


Equally, all could be described as sci fi (except maybe WW).