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Hal Jordan is two feet taller than Tom Cruise.

Just sayin’…


Hal Jordan is 7 feet 8 inches tall? Those artists are not reflecting that well at all.


TFW Tom Cruise is taller than you ;_;


True, he looks much bigger than that.


I’ll be second.
Nothing says “no fear” quite like running on the outside of the world’s tallest building for your movie. Tom Cruise could play a great Hal Jordan, self-confident without being smug or an asshole, which I don’t think that Marky Mark could manage “if only I’d been on the plane” etc.


So who is the Kyle that gets endorsed by Tom Cruise?


Ryan Reynolds? He was great in Deadpool. :wink:


It’s really depressing when a guy in my age range is too old to be Batman. :frowning:


Well, he’d be the right age for a proper The Dark Knight Returns adaptation.



Considering I’m still not sold that Flash and/or Birds of Prey will make it to production, I guess we’ll see how Aquaman does. If Aquaman bombs, I’d suspect that could upend a lot of things.


And yet we got this:


Which didn’t work, but like ‘Green Lantern’ you can see what they were going for. There was a vision there.

Not a functioning vision, but it wasn’t a mess the way some bad movies are, it was like a tune with a bunch of consistently wrong notes.


What he describes in his tweet is pretty WTF-ey.

Catwoman at Warners in 1998. Sequel with Michelle Pfeiffer returning. Producer excited. After pitch, exec insisted it needed to be Sarah Michelle Gellar and involve hair-washing scene, then showed me Matrix trailer. # ShareYourRejections

Like that Kevin Smith story, I love it when those Hollywood people seem like they actually are like Merc Lapidus from Episodes.



Gal Gadot in the Molly Ringwald pose: :heart_eyes:


I’m stupidly optimistic about this movie. :slight_smile:


Jeez, nobody got excited when the Dawn of Justice posters paid homage to Hall and Oates’ H2O album cover.




It’s never stupid to be optimistic about Wonder Woman :slight_smile: