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Just off camera - a big fan, also made by the Power Ring, blowing his hair in space.


DC have to get him before Marvel ask him to take over from RDJ when he steps down.


Bringing in Cruise could be highly beneficial for both parties - particlaurly if they bring Cruise in as an established Hal Jordan then have John Stewart a lot younger.


PITCH: So you see, Tom, there are these powerful ancient beings from space who come to Earth and…

TOM: :roll_eyes:


Here’s the “source” of this article:


Whenever I hear about a new Tom Cruise movie, I just get the Rich Hall routine in my head:

“He’s a Green Lantern. A pretty good Green Lantern too, until he has a crisis of confidence…”


I still believe it to be true, if only because Tom would want to go into space to film his own stunts out there.


I for one would be down for Cruise as GL. I still think he might be the best action movie star around. So I’d be interested in Top Gun meets GL. Why not.


Is the world ready for a 60 year old Green Lantern?

I think it’s clear that older actors can carry action movies, Liam Neeson is the top of that list of course, but it feels like a 60 year old superhero should address his age?

Cruise hasn’t really done anything about being middle aged yet, let alone pushing 60.


You can when you have a power ring creating a road in space for you to run on.


So… he should play Alan Scott?


Now I want to see Tom Cruise wear this in a movie:


He could bring his own mask and cape.


I think Warner’s understands that Cruise is too old to build a future franchise around. They’re already paying a price for Ben Afflick. He’d be a great get to launch a franchise - he could be Hal passing on the ring the next generation in Kyle. It’s a better story than a random alien crash landing and giving the ring to the first guy he meets.


‘Men in Black’ is a very good example of that sort of story. I’d watch a Green Lantern version.


I think Cruise is the most watchable actor working today. I can’t see him as “my” Hal Jordan, but then I couldn’t see him as Jack Reacher either but his performance still had me riveted to the movie(s).

So, in summary: Tom Cruise as GL? I’ll be first in line :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty good template to make the movie around. It looks like Warners are going a little more lighthearted and fun with Shazam and Aquaman, and I expect the 80’s Wonder Woman to be a bit more joyful than the previous movie. And it’s different from the last Green Lantern movie, which is what they really need. No point in doing the same story twice.


I say dispense with Kyle and do the Men In Black mold but with Baz and Jessica Cruz as the trainees.


The spoiler in that piece is pretty interesting…

They plan to kill Hal in the movie? I guess if one of the better GLs takes over at the end it could work.


Cruise playing an established Hal who is mentoring the next GL would be pretty perfect as far as I’m concerned. I know his star isn’t what it used to be, but he’s still someone I consider as one of the last true movie stars that could sell a movie just on his name. So it would be fun to see him in a superhero movie with the role of mentor to the next gen of action heroes.

Although I guess that might be what his role in Top Gun 2 will be too so who knows.