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Except isn’t WB planning a Nightwing movie?


I think they are long past caring about that continuity after recasting everyone already and Batman in BvS not being retired with a busted leg and back.



He said that back when the film first came out.


He also claimed that Carrie Kelly was in the future vision or something like that… just let it go.


Not sure how that dude gets work considering most of his writing credits are less than great. At the very least, nothing in his credits would make me think he’s the right guy for a Supergirl movie. I’d probably be less critical if WB had a better track record with DC movies.


Never seen any movie he’s written.


I’ve seen 3 of them. 22 Jump Street was nowhere near as good as 21 Jump Street, but still probably the best thing on his credits. Freaks of Nature was forgettable at best. And Cloverfield Paradox was trash. It’s not an inspiring resume, to say the least.


The original draft he wrote that made the rounds online was even worse than it ended up.




It was just incredibly boring and flat.
Somewhere between that and the final product they could have had a serviceable B-movie.


The way films are written is a bit of a mess. We’re all aware of the cliche that writers are needed but not respected, but the practical effect of that is writing itself being treated a mechanical process, the true authorship of most mainstream movies is unclear, even when the legally obligated credits are decided (which is whole other process in itself).

He may still be crap though. :man_shrugging:




That article is basically just naming every young actress the author can think of…


Even for journalists, they gotta pay those bills.


A Supergirl script could be a tactic to put pressure on Cavill for contract renegotiations.

Essentially, if Warner Brothers wanted to recast Superman and Batman, now would be the time to do it.




This could have just as easily gone in the Diversity in Modern Society thread: