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Speculation, at this point.


Do you really need to ask?



Absolutely not. I’d just like to cut back on crap articles like that. I love that they bill the story as “EXCLUSIVE” proudly showing the writer isn’t passing along his fiction to other clickbait sites.



It’s not a good Hellblazer movie but it is an enjoyable movie.


It’s a solid movie that has some A-plus cinematography. It was the first movie I watched where the camera work actually stood out to me. Also, Shia LaBeouf gets killed brutally in it, which I dig.


I’m a huge fan of the initial run of Hellblazer and this film… isn’t that.

But I do think that John is still John. He’s not the way I wanted to see him, as a fan, and Keanu, while charismatic, has some of his most wooden moments in that film, but it is still John.

It’s not the same mythology of course either, but the one they use works very well for the story.

So I’ve watched it more than once and not just to suffer through it as a wronged fan either, :slight_smile:

The TV show was getting good when the cancelled it. I hope we see another attempt to adapt the character and his world soon.


The Matt Ryan version of the character from the TV show is still around, on Legends of Tomorrow. I wouldn’t say no to another movie though. I guess DC could still decide to do that Justice League Dark movie.


With a limited success movie and a TV show that didn’t take I’m not sure Warners want to put more into Hellblazer. I think it’s a property like Judge Dredd - lots of fans but not enough to make mass media work. These characters can only be given so many chances.

It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel can make FF work. They’ve had just about all the chances you’d be prepared to give, I wonder if they’ll get it right with this final attempt.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is using Constantine as a main, recurring character.

Major spoiler.

When the Legends defeated the demon at the end of last season, they opened a huge rift where dark beings and magic live. It’s up to Constantine and the demon-possessed Sara Lance to stem the tide.


He is very much an Americanized version of the character. The filmmakers obviously didn’t really get a lot of the more occult characteristics of the various comics and just did the simplest thing - made it more like movies we’ve seen. Take the Exorcist and smash that into Chinatown then add some top notch special effects.

So, it ended up standing out as it’s own thing. Separate from the comics and, since it predated the rest of the DC universe, nothing like the superhero movies that would start to dominate a few years later. Very likely, if they had made a Hellblazer movie in 2015 rather than 2005, he would’ve been a lot more like Doctor Strange.

The only question I really had for Constantine was how did he make money? This exorcism gig did not seem that lucrative. Did all these guys get paid by the Church? Did he take his psychic powers to Vegas once a month?


It’s sort of like The Matrix with demons and the occult instead of all of the cyberpunky stuff.


It’s definitely one of the better outings that American urban-occult fiction has gotten in recent times.


I love Constantine… yes it differes from the source material, but it works. Also, everyone complains about Reeves, but I thought he was a good choice precisely for his wood-ness here, because a lot of the other characters are sooo “big” and “grandiose” it makes for a good contrast.

It’s honeslty a much better film than people give it credit for. And both the angel & the devil were spectacularly well written and acted, 2 very memorable characters. Oh and the way the portrayed hell… awesome… still one of the best hells we’ve gotten so far in cinema.


Constantine is a pretty good genre film if you can put your expectations in check and enjoy it for whai it is instead of looking for a faithful Hellblazer adaption.

The same thing can be said about the Lucifer tv series as well.

It says a lot about the Vertigo brand where they can take these concepts, change them almost completely, and still come up with a final product that’s still enjoyable and clever.


I really wish DC films would focus their attention more on Vertigo for the reason you mentioned. Sure, you’re not going to hit 2 billion box office with a Constantine or Lucifer movie, but you probably don’t have to. They could set up a solid Miramax/Blumhouse type film imprint with mid-budget horror/sci fi/crime films, throw a bit of money at them to ensure a level of talent involved, and make a Vertigo label the non-superhero equivalent of the Marvel or Pixar labels.



If I recall from the comics it’s pretty much stuff like that. He’d cast spell to win on the horses etc.


I always liked the scene in ‘Blade’ where he’s robbing one of the humans who work for the vampires.

Dr. Karen Jenson : Oh, great. Now you’re robbing him. You gonna rob me, too?

Blade : How do you think we fund this organization? We’re not exactly the March of Dimes.