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I thought that from the headline.




Because it’d be fucking awesome.


My kids loved Underdog.

(Caveat, it’s awful, kids can like a lot of shit, especially when very young).


I actually saw the Underdog movie in theatres.


Wow. I hope that was a good payday for Jason Lee and Peter Dinklage.


It was good enough for them to show up to work.


I used to watch my neighbor’s old Underdog VHS-copies.
Was disappointed by the movie.


I’m hoping it is a live action adaptation of Watchmen but with pets. Surely Alan Moore would be on board with that one.


Twilight of the Superpets


Super-Pets DARK!




Any excuse to bust this out:


I meant adult as in not geared towards kids. I tried watching a couple but they were awful. Embarrassingly awful.




The one thing that I wish talking animal movies and shows would do more is show people completely from the animals’ point of view. You got this a little bit in Happy Feet and Over The Hedge, but it would be cool to keep everything from the pets’ perspective with humans as these strange, clueless creatures that the pets feel like they need to take care of because they are obviously too helpless and stupid to care for themselves.


Art of Racing in the Rain would be perfect for this.



Before anyone clicks on that link, is this a wish list or the actual list?