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Don’t talk too soon, it ends like Watership Down!


…or is a covert We3 adaptation. :wink:


Tell that to Constantine: City of Demons!


Isn’t that just another entry from their shitty “adult” cartoon line?


I’m not sure what their adult cartoon line is. So… maybe?

I just saw a trailer for it on youtube last night. Seemed to be pretty typical of their usual cartoon fair though. There was no suggestion of cursing or nudity so I’m not sure what would be make it “adult.”


Violence, mostly. Figure you’ve seen BvS? The fight in the warehouse to save Martha. In the theatrical, Bats throws a guys against a wall. He falls down. In the UE, same thug, hits wall, big splash of blood on wall. That’s the difference.

With the new Titans, though, one might consider adding “Language!”


We’re talking about the cartoons though.




He’s saying the cartoons are more graphic than the live action.


Hey, why not? George Washington’s wife’s name was Martha.


I can see The Batfleck’s Robin actually having the superhero name Martha and, instead of the traditional costume, he is forced to wear Bruce’s dead mother’s perfectly preserved dress, hair and pearls.


Norman Bates is Robin?


I suspect it means under 10’s aren’t going to watch it.


Isn’t that most DC animated films? I can’t think of any that seem to be aimed at kids under 10 off the top of my head.


What about the Tern Titan movie? Or the old cartoon series’ they used to have? Maybe they have a line of adult orientated animated movies - I don’t know. I was just answering what I thought Will meant by adult.


Kids don’t buy DVDs. DC/Warner for all their faults know now the audience is not one fit for all. The kids will and do watch Teen Titans Go which every adult fan hated but has the heat among kids that none of their other series, like Young Justice, had.

The direct to DVD stuff has their audience too.


I can only assume that’s the ones who haven’t watched it. :slight_smile:


I thought we were talking about the DTV cartoon films DC does. The Superpets seem to be a part of that and definitely skew younger than their typical films but I wouldn’t call those “adult” either.


I was hoping the superpets movie was going to be live action.


That way madness lies.