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Nope. Definition 2 hits it on the head. Though I’m sure the late 70’s still looks like the future from the early to mid 70’s. :wink:



I hope it’s because Henry has grown too attached to his tache to shave it off?


They could just obscure the moustache at all times. Lots of shots from behind, keep the focus on Captain Marvel as much as possible, have Superman cover his lower face with his hand or wear a helmet. It’d make ADR really easy too.


Just have Superman grow a moustache in-story. Occam’s Razor.


Is that what he uses to shave the mustache off?


Yep, he has to bounce his heat vision off it.



If you like the Teen Titans Go! show you’ll love the movie. That’s not to say you won’t like it if you aven seen it but here are a lot of jokes from the show that are touched on in the movie.
The brilliance of the writers though is that the jokes are still funny regardless.
My boy laughed throughout and so did I. He told me several times on the way home that he loved it. I’ve downloaded and played the theme song several times now, too.


It is awesome that you both had such a great time.

So when are you two going to see it again?


The JAM!!



He kind of reminds me of Glorious Godfrey.


BossLogic fan art of Ryan Reynolds as Wally West:


Is that “rich Corinthian leather” he’s sitting upon?


I agree with Hank. The blonde hair leans toward Godfrey. Besides, as a competitor in the old SFL, there is only one person who could be Max… Jim O’Hara. @Jim do you still have those strips where you played Max?


He has some weird dungeon setup in his basement where he acts like he really is Max. He even made me punch him in the face so his nose would bleed and show that he was using his “mind powers” over me.

It was a really weird experience. :wink:


And by weird you mean arousing?


Why do you think Ronnie went into Jim’s basement willingly?


For him, maybe. I just wanted to sleep. :wink:


A likely story… :roll_eyes: