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I might know, but if I did, I would be sworn to protect his identity. :zipper_mouth_face:


I don’t think he’s around anymore. :wink:


We’re not dealing with Zooey Deschanels freaky shapechanging abilities though, this is Clark Kent/Superman. They really look quite similar.


So Zooey Deschanel is actually Superman?

Now THAT’S a disguise!


And it is important in the world of the story as well. The people writing and drawing the comics and making the movies want us to invest in the story so they have to give some sort of support to what they decide in the context of the story.

In this case, I think the style of Donner’s Superman (and Morrison’s All Star Superman) give us a Clark that works better in the story, while the more “believable” Clark Kent in Man of Steel and the other Snyderverse DC movies works against the pseudo-realistic approach of the film.


But in Snyder’s movie it takes Lois Lane like 15 minutes to figure out he exists and who he is just by doing her job. Sure, Lois is supposed to be a great reporter, but still if she can figure it out with just some rumors I’m pretty sure everyone else who meets Clark would figure it out in about 15 seconds once Superman officially debuted.

I mean, I’m not really bothered by the secret identity. It’s always been a stretch, but it is also a reason I enjoy the Reeve performance so much. He really tried to make them different characters.


Honestly I don’t think it’s as easy as you’re all making out.



Any excuse to trot this out:


Teen Titans Go To the Movies may actually be a success for Warners. With $10.5 million on a $10 million production budget, it has a very good start, especially considering the competition.


Quite honestly it can’t fail to be a success. It’s made its budget back in a weekend and it has barely opened outside the US (and the TV show is really popular around the world).

By the end of the run it will have made several times that budget and be very securely in the black. It won’t break any records but the modest spend means it won’t have to.


Not to mention its worth as advertising content for the DC streaming channel. $10M in advertising is very little.



How are Marv Wolfman and George Perez not on that list? Hopefully mentioned earlier on.


I would assume they got a “Created by” credit similar to the ones at the top.


Who knows how much the movie is hurting the DC brand though. At one point the Titans pass by a movie poster for Batman Vs Superman and the poster called it “Yawn of Justice”. I thought that was a terribly low blow.


Yes, that’s terrible…



It’s fine to poke fun at yourself.


I’m teasing. The movie took the piss out of the whole DC universe.


You keep using that word but I have no idea what it means.