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We’re splitting the difference - we get it on 3rd August.



It was a million degrees out today so I took my boy to see Teen Titans Go. The pace of the TV show for 90 minutes straight was a bit much for me, but it was fun, funny, charming, happy to take the piss out of DC comics and movies…in short, everything you’d hope.

The whole theater was nothing but dads and sons. I find it shameless to use your kid as an excuse to go to a movie that you want to see, simply shameless, but I would almost say there were more jokes aimed at longtime comics readers than the kiddie crowd. One dad in particular was belly laughing throughout, particularly whenever the Challengers of the Unknown showed up on screen.

Anyway, good stuff.

EDIT: The new 2018 superhero movie power rankings:

  1. Infinity War
  2. Black Panther
  3. Teen Titans Go
  4. Deadpool 2
  5. Ant Man and Wasp



Yeah, even I couldn’t defend that opinion. You’re on your own Ronnie.


You have to read it in context with the rest of my post. Reeve was amazing but that take on Clark feels dated now.


A stray thought apart from the actual acting jobs…

One funny thing about the new Mission Impossible movie is seeing what Cavill looks like in normal clothes, standing next to normal people all movie (well, Cruise is tiny but you get the drift).

The dude is built like a freaking freight train. I’ve spent a lot of time in newsrooms and there is zero chance he would blend in at all. As soon as anyone saw a photo of Superman they’d make the connection.


George Reeves had the right idea:

Actor George Reeves in the 1950s live-action television series Adventures of Superman brought a naturalistic approach to the dual role, perhaps reasoning that if Clark were too much of a milquetoast, he would not do well in the tough world of investigative journalism, particularly with an aggressive editor like Perry White. Reeves played Clark as moderately assertive, often taking charge in dangerous or risky situations and unafraid to take reasonable risks. This may have been an inspiration for the 1980s reboot of the Kent half of the Superman character.


For me Christopher Reeve was the perfect accident of script and actor coming together to create something amazing. It is still my favorite superhero casting.


I with you Ronnie. :slight_smile: Okay I feel stronger. I don’t like ultra nebbish Clark. :slight_smile:


Still, Ben Affleck seemed to dwarf him in Batman vs Superman. I like the idea that Bruce Wayne would be more imposing than the Man of Steel.

But that is the essential point. Today’s Clark Kent is too similar to Superman for the people who know Superman to ever not notice. Cavill’s Kent might make sense, but the idea that it is a “secret” identity doesn’t in that world.

Especially after he dies. It was a “super” stretch in Superman Returns that Lois never noticed Clark returns the same time Superman does, but at least he was too much of a loser for her to ever think about him at all. However, in Justice League, everyone who knows Clark or worked with him would be like… hey, isn’t it strange that super beefcake guy I know disappeared for a while and then reappeared right when the super beefcake Superman came back?

Didn’t they have a funeral for Clark or something?


This is the Batman problem again.

Batman has access to high tech equipment that makes modern armed forces and intelligence services green with envy and yet no-one think to make a list of people in Gotham with the resources to provide that? Not to mention the surveillance capabilities of the modern state.

Bruce faking a lot of late nights with supermodels and all day hangovers would not be enough to deflect suspicion.

One thing I did like about the newer DC movies is that it’s implied (but only implied, so the audience doesn’t have to think about it if they don’t want to) that people ARE all over this stuff.

They have drones trying to keep track of Superman, Amanda Waller is taking secret meetings with Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor knows who everyone is.

The “secret identity” is a strong dramatic idea, but unless you can actually shape-shift, go invisible (and preferably stealth) and make absolutely no mistakes, it would never last for long for these characters. They’re just too high profile.


Yeah the profile is the issue. Clark even used to be a TV presenter.


WHO CARES! They’re comic book characters. It’s fantasy and it doesn’t all need to be explained (if the creators don’t want to explain the ‘real world’ elements’), that’s what makes them great to read & watch.

But on a side note, Cavill should change his posture like in All-Star Superman so he looks overweight, I’d like to see them try that out.


Everyone says that about the things they’re not interested in, then geek out over the details that do motivate them.

That’s people.


Well in the Snyder-verse he wasn’t sticking around for the cameras, so all most people saw was a blur or something far away… except the people he rescues, but they wouldn’t even come near a random beat reporter in Metropolis.


He was seen plenty of times at less than “blur” speed, including;

The “disguise” never made any sense. It’s just something we all let slide.


People aren’t as clever as you think they are.

That’s Zooey Deschanel with and without her signature glasses and bangs, the look she codified around the time she started filming New Girl. A lot of people now only know her with the glasses and bangs. And trying to convince them these two people are the same person, is harder than you think.

It would be exactly the same with Superman and Clark Kent. You give people way too much credit. You assume that just because we know, as fans, that they’re the same person, it’s impossible not to make the connection. Clark Kent is never going to make the same kind of impression as Superman. Superman is always going to stick out like a sore thumb. That’s what Cavill’s Superman is all about, having to make the gigantic transition from hiding what he can do to being that guy openly. I think a close examination of his appearances bears this out.


I might not recognise Zooey one time in one photo but seeing her every day? I’d make the connection, and so would people who knew Clark.


I’d love to know which scamp first posted that Zooey Deschanel picture and said it explains how Clark Kent gets away with it. Do you have any idea who it was Steve?