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Would you say their night began to shine when they saw the trailer?


I saw them dance. From the corner.


I’m getting excited just thinking about that song now.


The kids are obsessed with this one at the moment:


Well, I would actually describe it as that. There is a very palpable sense of method to TTG’s madness, especially when they start taking on the rest of the DC Universe.

Their Justice League episode was incredible when the Titans jacked the Justice League’s gear to save them from Weird Al Janovic’s Darkseid.

That Cyborg, as Green Lantern, would only summon constructs of The Golden Girls, made it absolutely perfect.


That entire two-part ‘special’ was great. Darkseid was fantastic.


OMG!!! They animated a new music video for “The Night Begins To Shine.” I don’t even care if they got Fallout Boy to cover for B.E.R.


I need to find this episode.


Okay… last one.


Those are pretty incredible.


They are, but how they built up that song into the mythology of the show is even more so. I think it started as a goof and quickly morphed into something much bigger and more intertwined than they expected.


Not really directly about DC comics, but a general observation. For all the attention the Death of Superman received in the 90’s, there had already been the quiet death of Clark Kent. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense of Kent being a character quite innately different from Superman. The best example being the Chris Reeve Superman movies as few actors or studios have been willing to go “full loser” with the character as they did there.

In relatively recent comics, the best version was All Star Superman. In a series filled with some of my favorite Superman moment, the Clark Kent scenes always seemed the most perfectly realized with this good-hearted klutz secretly saving lives while looking about as capable as a wet noodle.

In a lot of ways, and in quite the opposite perspective of the Kill Bill monologue on Clark Kent, Superman’s ability to be both completely pitiful while at the same time a wholly good person endeared him to me more than when he put on the tights and cape.



I know a lot of people see that as the only viable version of Clark Kent and I enjoy some representations of it but in a lot of ways that Clark Kent is a caricature. I don’t think that Clark Kent would hide in plain site as easily anymore either.

It also only works in a pre-Byrne Man of Steel world. In a universe where Clark grows up with loving parents and gains his values from that, it’s hard to sell that as an act or it would have always been an act making the character much creepier. It’s also bizarre the lengths some go to preserve overly geeky Clark.

I like Reeve’s Clark but prefer Cavill’s. :wink:


It has been the major push for action characters since the 80’s when that Clark Kent quietly (in character) passed away without notice. However, it is similar to the way Spider-Man in the movies made Spidey a beloved New York hero applauded, rather than feared, by the city. We, the reader or audience, know that Spider-Man is actually a hero, but the people publishing and producing the films also think we need Spider-Man to be treated like a hero by the fictional bystanders in the stories.

However, what the film did get right was that Peter would not be appreciated for himself and his heroics would in fact get in the way of his work, school and personal relationships so people would think even less of him for that.

Superheroes aren’t realistic at all. Crime and law enforcement doesn’t work the way it does in Batman. Espionage is in no way like it is portrayed in James Bond.

With Clark Kent, he’s an old-fashioned, good, somewhat faint-hearted klutz that no one really notices. That’s not creepy. That’s most people just turned up a notch.

But he’s also Superman, and even though no one else around him knows it, we do as the audience and readers. He doesn’t have to be attractive, assertive or the center of attention to the people in the story. We know who he really is.

And in a sense, that could make us take a second look at the people all around us that we don’t really notice.



The Metropolis Kid is back!



Got my tickets for Teen Titans Go! Monday morning at 9:15!


My kids are jealous. It’s not opening here till Aug 16th.