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To me Shazam looks like one of those movies like “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” Not great. I think we need to see a little more of the actual conflict in the next trailer.


Yeah, that is a feeling you get. It certainly doesn’t feel like a modern superhero movie except maybe for Green Lantern. Closer to The Tick in appearance, actually.

It does feel more like a movie aimed slightly younger than most like the upcoming Bumblebee or Real Steel or Power Rangers from a while ago. It doesn’t really feel like Spider-Man: Homecoming, for example, which is the closest recent comparison.

It’s a little weird to see Mark Strong in it since it’s starting to feel like he’s appearing in everything these days. I mean, it’s getting to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up in some of my family’s home videos.


Not surprisingly, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is getting good reviews:


I’m taking my boy to go see this on Monday. He doesn’t know it yet but I can’t wait.



My dad did that a couple of times. A Dodger game, usually (Monday was his day off). We went to see The Lost World - the 1960 Michael Rennie one (he thought it was the 1925 silent). While it was not the film he remembered, I remember going to that movie to this day. Hope the same for your offspring!



I actually saw this with the kids 2 weeks ago on my streaming service. I didn’t know it was some early release.

It’s okay. Take that in the context I was never a huge fan of the comic and not much of one for DC animation which I think looks jerky and cheap (but that’s probably the way it has to be for straight to DVD/streaming material).


Indeed, I saw it weeks ago as well.
Most of the recent DTVs have been pretty dire, in my opinion - but this was fine.
I’m more excited for the second part though. That’s always where the meat was.


Yeah I felt that way too. It got most interesting with the replacement Superman hints at the end.


I love how they were seeded throughout the movie.
I kicked myself for being so blind and not realizing that the Rocket A.I. was the Eradicator.
So good.




I also thought the music choice for the SHAZAM! trailer was interesting. That’s a crazy heavy edit of the song too.


There’s a cool Facebook group simply called “Black & White Films”, and this is today’s feature.

And, if you get hooked, here ya go! (All episodes - just turn on Auto Play.)



I read most of the plot and even some of the jokes for the Teen Titans Go movie, and it actually looks really great, and pretty funny too.


The kids are so excited about it. I think the trailer for TTG was their favourite part of seeing Incredibles 2.


If it weren’t for my son I wouldn’t have had even watched the show but I’m glad I did. It’s genuinely funny and completely silly.


I thought that said competantly silly for a moment…


I wouldn’t have even given it a second glance if not for the ecstatic reviews here. I might have to give this a shot.